About Us

Offering Jewelry Supplies For Restless Jewelry Creators.

Our brand’s story started with a dream. A dream of inspiring people to let their talents rise and create something beautiful with their own hands.

A Dream of Stones. 

When I was young, I wanted to come up with something that would infuse people with inspiration. As I grew up, I realized that people could source inspiration from places and things that we could never imagine.

For me, that thing was jewelry.

Crafting jewelry lit a sparkle inside me that became stronger and stronger over the years. This sparkle that continues to warm my soul eventually led me to create the Dream of Stones to share the “fire” with a community of like-minded people.

Aiming To Become Your Constant Source Of Inspiration And Quality Accessories.

At Dream of Stones, we take great pride in our collection of jewelry supplies. From wood beads and gemstones to charms, pendants, and many more findings, we host an expansive selection of pieces in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and shine so you can create unique jewelry in the style of your choice.

We understand that components are an essential part of the jewelry-making process. That is why we pay extreme attention to details and aesthetic quality criteria and work hard to provide you with trendy accessories, classic and modern pieces that will help you turn your ideas into an actual jewel.

We are investing in long-term relationships.

Building relationships of trust and respect with our customers is a significant part of what we do. We consider our community of jewelry makers our second family, which is why taking care of your needs has always been our number one priority.

Knowing that our accessories are a part of your creations motivates us to improve ourselves and our products and always look for new ways to raise the bar and offer the best and fastest customer experience.

Whether you are a professional jewelry craftsman or a passionate hobbyist, we share the same love for the art of jewelry making, and we wish to explore together this world of limitless creativity!


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