Why Is Cleansing Gemstone Beads Important?
Beads, crystals and other semi-precious stones are used in making jewelry, clothes and other accessories. People who love beading ensure that they keep their gemstone chip beads and stones in perfect condition and away from toxic energy. This post will help people who love beads get the best results with their work and live out their creativity. You will find tips on how to cleanse gemstone beads you have got from us, Dream Of Stones.
  1. Use of Salt Water -

A simple and easy way to cleanse gemstone beads is to use salt water. Using salt water charges the crystals and gemstones and releases any negative energy trapped in the beads. You can cleanse gemstone beads daily to release negative energy from your body or space. Take one teaspoon of salt in a bowl of water. Dip the gemstone bead in it for a few minutes while you recite a prayer or chant to get rid of negativity and harm from the beaded item. You can do the same by wiggling salts into a paper and sprinkling it over the beads. Dry the bead off when you are done with using it.

  1. Place Them in Moonlight -

Another way of charging and cleansing the gemstones is placing them in the moonlight. Place the crystals under the light of a full moon or a new moon. This makes it easy for the gemstones to absorb the moon's energy and use it in their work.

  1. Use of Sage and Other Smudge Herbs -

Another way to charge and cleanse rainbow fluorite gemstone beads is to use sage or any other smudge of burning herbs. These methods are used specifically when you feel that your gem stone has been in contact with negative energies. Smudging is a Native American tradition used to clear out negative energy from their homes, workplaces, jewelry and other materials they use daily. Light one of the smudge sticks while you chant or worship to cleanse the gemstones. If you want to dedicate your beads, it will be best if you rinse them with salt water before washing them off. Let them dry before wearing or using them again.

  1. Spring Water -

You can also cleanse gemstone beads by putting them in a bowl filled with fresh pure spring water. It is recommended to use spring water instead of tap water because spring water has healing powers and being fresh it charges and cleanses the stone faster. You can keep them overnight in the bowl or for a few hours if you have something to do. After this, wash them carefully under running water and put them aside for 24 hours before using them again.

  1. Electricity -

Electricity is another way of cleansing gemstone chip beads. You can connect your gemstone bead to an electrical source. Be careful while doing this because you don't want to hurt yourself or anyone around you. Electricity helps in cleansing negative energy from stones and boosts their healing powers. Charge a crystal by putting it on a plate, turn an electric light on and keep the gemstone bead below it for 24 hours. Turn off the light after 24 hours and put away the gemstone bead charged with negative energy. This will help you secure positive energies with your work done using gemstones and beads.

  1. Using The Power of Sun -

Sunlight also plays a very important role in cleansing the stones and crystals. The sun has a powerful energy that makes the stones stronger and charged with positive energies. Charging gems with sun energy is done by keeping them out in the sun for a few hours, next to sunlight on a window or in artificial tanning lights. This is an easy way to cleanse gemstone beads and crystals and charge them with positive energy. Another way of cleansing the gems using sunlight is wrapping them in silk paper or cotton cloth that has been filled with herbs before sunrise. This way you will charge your gemstone beads and crystals with positive energy from the sun.

  1. Sound -

Sound waves also help in cleansing the gemstones. Try playing certain kinds of music on them to ensure that they are charged with positive energy. This is an easy and convenient way of cleansing the rainbow fluorite gemstone beads and crystals.

  1. Use Other Stones -

Another way of cleansing the gemstone bead is by using other healing stones. Place healing stones like tourmaline and amethyst close to the gemstone which is not working as it should. This will help you charge the stone with positive energy. Try placing crystals like rose quartz, yellow jasper, winter green in a bowl of water and place your gemstone bead on top of them.


As you can see, keeping your gems clean is easy and if they are cleaned regularly, they will keep shining and benefit the wearer consistently. The gemstone chip beads you have bought from us, Dream of Stones, are authentic and durable. So, these cleaning techniques will be efficient on them. To know more, get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com.

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