Why Do Royals Love Gemstones So Much?

Ever wonder why the royals have been decked out in gemstones for centuries? In a world where appearances definitely matter, it's not surprising that so many of the royals have been known to take their love for fine gems to an obsessive level. Pretty much every royal from Queen Elizabeth I to Marie Antoinette was particularly fond of wearing jewels and gemstones, considering them a vital component of their complete look. And it is for a valid reason. Gems and pearls have a unique allure that mesmerises the were as well as the watchers. Not only this, they are filled with powers and positive vibes, so why not wear them the most?


Diamonds – A Royal Staple

Even if you aren't a big fan of the royals, chances are you've heard of the famous Koh-I-Noor diamond. With a history stretching back hundreds of years, diamonds have formed an important part of royal fashion. Many engagement rings in the royal family have diamonds in them. Being the most popular and liked precious gemstone, diamond is a protective as well as prosperity stone. It opens up new avenues of growth and newer opportunities. It is best known for its brilliant luster, strength and versatility.

Emeralds – The Green of Royalty

The emerald is a symbol of royalty across many cultures. From ancient times to the present day, they have played an important role in the lives of royals across the globe. Queen Elizabeth I is accused by some people of wearing emeralds more for their symbolic value than any practical purpose. However, these stones are said to be one of her most prized possessions. Emeralds in the brilliant green color are spectacular for maintaining peace with peers.

Rubies – Symbolizing Love

Ruby is a stone that symbolizes a very profound love. It's sometimes given to couples on their wedding anniversary, symbolizing the passion and intensity of their feelings for each other. This stone was also very popular in royal circles, with Queen Elizabeth I said to be particularly fond of it. This red stone adds a pinch of uplifting color in even a dull outfit and catches the eyes of the spectators.

Pearls – A Royal Favorite

The Queen Mum loved pearls, and was once quoted as saying that her most treasured possession is her pearl necklace. These have been a favorite of the royals for several centuries and it seems like they're still going strong. From Princess Kate's necklaces to the Duchess of Cambridge's drop earrings, they now seem to be more fashionable than ever. These are the best and the most classy jewelry items to wear. They transmit calmness and intelligence and make the wearer feel confident. You can buy pearls online that look exactly the same as the royal ones.

Sapphires – A Royal Exclusive

The sapphire is the birthstone of September. The stone is sometimes given to royals in the form of a pendant, which is said to be good for helping its wearer deal with stress. It's also known to protect its wearer from nightmares and headaches. Sapphires are also believed to be capable of improving one's memory and act as an aphrodisiac when worn by women. Its blue color is spectacular and it is many times seen in the necklace and ring accessories on the royals around the world.

Topaz - A Royal Standard

It may have been less popular than other stones, but the topaz was still a favorite of royal kings and queens. The color of this stone, which is made of copper and potassium, made it a favorite of many royals for many centuries. A great number of topaz pendants and rings were given to members of the royal family who did not wear them daily. Topaz is an enlightening stone that makes the wearer one with their true identity and soul. It empowers them to be their best self while fighting negative vibes.

Red Spinel - A Favorite of the Queens

Red spinel was a favorite of many queens in history. This stone is loved so much that it is so commonly worn in rings made up of it. Queen Victoria also had a penchant for wearing red spinel, and would often give it as a gift to friends and family members who had been married. Red spinel is the best promoter of positivity and protects the wearer from wrong intentions and helps them stay calm in the situations of turmoil.

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