Why Colored Gemstones Are Better Than Diamonds?

There is no doubt that both diamonds and gemstones are valuable as well as extremely beautiful. But the reason why gemstones are usually chosen more often for personal adornment is that they have a greater variety of color options. Diamonds can only be found in a limited number of colors and not all of these colors are liked as much but the semi-precious gemstones are not only found in different colors but in varied shades as well, like the blue aventurine gemstone and the tourmaline gemstone beads. For the person who likes colors, gemstones are much better than diamonds. Yes, diamonds are more valuable and are preferred for occasional as well as daily wear, but with gemstones, there are so many different options to choose from.

Reasons Why Colored Gemstones Are Better

Easily Affordable

Another reason why gemstones are more preferred than diamonds is that they are easier to afford. One can buy a variety of color gemstones at a much lesser price than some diamonds and colored stones like the amethyst gemstone beads and the aquamarine beads. These do not hurt your pocket and can be afforded by each and every person. Whereas, diamonds can only be afforded by a particular segment of consumers, which makes it not accessible by all because of its heavy price.

More Colors And Elegance

Among the many reasons why colored gemstones are so preferred is because they are available in so many colors and they are exceptionally elegant too. Like the red tigers eye gemstone beads, which are so elegant and multi-purpose and can be found in not only red but brown, yellow and orange colors with darker inclusions and strips. Another example is, tourmaline beads, which are seen to have more than one color in a single piece of stone, which looks incredible.

Go With Every Outfit

Colored gemstones are easily blendable with different dress up styles for different occasions. One can wear contrasting gemstones with their outfit or even match the exact same color because that is how diverse and adaptable these are. Dressing up becomes even more interesting when you have different stones to match with one outfit, which is what you experience when you have gemstone beads. But diamonds, o n the other hand, are only available in so many colors and sometimes can even exaggerate your outfit a bit. So, these are kept only for the most special of occasions.

Easy To Find

Unlike diamonds, colored gemstones are very easy to find and get carved. There are endless types of gemstone minerals and all of them are very affordable. You can find them on your local jewelry store, get their jewelry from social media stores or get them at our online store, Dream of Stones. We have a large variety of gemstone beads, from blue aventurine gemstones to citrine and peridot beads. These are readily available in different sizes and at affordable prices. Not only this, we are trusted for our genuine and authentic quality gemstone and wooden beads.

Great For Everyday Wear

We have seen in many instances that diamonds, although durable and adaptive, are seldom worn on a daily basis. The reason for this being their value and weight. There is always a fear of losing them or having them stolen. There is no such fear in the case of gemstone beads. They are lightweight and blend with the skin perfectly. They can be worn in a pendant, ring or in earrings and won’t make you feel weary or tense. They are also very versatile and go with traditional as well as casual outfits and brighten up everything you wear.

Unique And Meaningful

Gemstones are not only eye-catching and lovely but are also very versatile. Every gemstone has its own metaphysical prominence and are believed to be great for physical and mental healing. For example, red tigers eye gemstone beads promote inner peace and awakening while refreshing thoughts, instilling courage and passion in the wearer. Also, amethyst gemstone beads are great for cleansing the aura of the wearer and enhancing positivity and creative energy. Gemstone beads are included in many spiritual practices as well.

Dream Of Stones

One way or the other, it is known that colored gemstones are a better choice than diamonds for so many occasions and reasons. And getting them is no more difficult because as rare as you think they are, all gemstone beads can be found with us, Dream of Stones. The world of gemstones holds endless opportunities. Take a look at our beads, chip beads and pendants collection on our online store or get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com.

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