Why Are Pearls Precious? - Things You Should Know

Although pearls are considered gemstones they are extremely beautiful and unique. Pearls are elegant and timeless precious gemstones and make beautiful and royal jewelry. Their natural beauty and value make them the best choice to wear on precious occasions as well as to gift someone.

Fascinating Facts About Pearls That Make Them Precious

Pearls are adorable, amazing, and natural gems that are formed in living creatures. These gems require no cutting or polishing before wearing and they are stunning in their original form. You can find natural white pearls and midnight blue pearls naturally. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about pearls:

  1. Whenever we think of pearls, what we picture is white iridescent gems. But pearls are not always available in white color. They come in various colors from pink, brown to black. The color depends on the mollusc which created them and the water or surroundings in which it lived.

  2. Well, 1 in 10000 wild oysters contains pearls in the world and this fact makes them the rarest gems. You must be thinking about how they are available in large numbers in the market. This is because they are cultivated in laboratories.

  3. A fun factor about oysters is that all of them are transgenders. They are born male but they turn into females when they become 3 years old.

  4. Pearls range in size from 1.0mm to 20.0mm. Large gems are more expensive than small ones.

  5. South sea pearls offer large-sized pearls. They are the most expensive and all of them are nacreous pearls. Although they are cultured, the oysters only survive in some specific conditions which indicate that the production is limited.

What Do Pearls Symbolize?

Pearls are the symbol of wisdom and they are valued for their calming effects. They represent peace and have the ability to strengthen valuable relationships and convey a sense of security. Pearl is also a symbol of purity, integrity as well as loyalty. Naturally obtained pearls are quite expensive and the most expensive pearl was sold for $100 million. It is believed that gems of the sea offer protection to the wearer and also bring good luck and wealth.

Characteristics Of Various Pearls

White Pearls: This is formed in different ways depending on their type. For instance, Akoya and south sea pearls are formed when the mother of pearl beads inserts into an oyster which then produces nacre that ultimately forms the white pearl. The Akoya pearls are usually made in China, white hanadama pearls also known as flower pearls are tested and certified by Japan’s Pearl Science Laboratory, and white south sea pearls are formed in Australia. These pearls are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The drop and baroque-shaped pearls are used to make whimsical bracelets or as pendants. And the symmetry or round-shaped pearls are used to make earrings and rings.

South Sea Pearls: These pearls are very beautiful and more valuable than others. They are luxuries, exclusive, and their stunning sizes and luster make them more desirable and perfect. If you want something to elevate your outfit on a formal occasion, you should choose south sea pearls. They are easily noticeable and go with a simple dangle as well as a statement necklace. Their exceptional luster, large size, and rarity features make these pearls different and popular. South sea pearls are usually found in white, cream, and silver colors. You should buy these gems because:

  1. South sea pearls are the epitome of pearls’ prestige and luxury.

  2. They’re versatile and suit all skin tones and complexions.

  3. Their value is retained forever and thus they’re considered a good investment.

  4. They can be kept as a family heirloom for generations to come.

  5. They are found rare and are exclusive.

  6. Their size, value, and beauty are unmatched.

Midnight blue pearls: These pearls represent peace, truth, faith, and courage. You can give these midnight blue pearls to someone who needs strength in their life or the one who appreciates peaceful and calm moments. Blue-colored pearls are usually formed in blue Akoya, Tahitian or Sea of Cortez, or Silver-Blue White South Sea. True Blue Akoya exhibits very strong overtones of pearl blue, aquamarine, rose, and violet. Blue overtone pearl gemstones like The Sea of Cortez or Tahitian pearl types offer variations in their overtones that include green, cerulean, blue-green, teal, violet, and more.

Pink and peach pearls: Naturally pink pearls are grown in freshwater pearl mussel, Hyriopsis cumingii, and many other freshwater aquaculture ponds in China. The most common overtones of pink to peach pearls are shades of green, gold, aquamarine, and rose. Yellow gold is well-known and traditional to use with pink to peach freshwater pearls. It warms up the pink and gold colors already present on the surface of the pearl and enhances their luster. White gold is used rarely, but it makes an interesting and unique pairing with pastel baby shades of pink and boosts the green overtones from any aquamarine present on the pearl.

Chocolate Pearls: Recently chocolate pearls became incredibly popular and they can be naturally colored or dyed in their trademark colors. Various types of chocolate pearls are naturally-colored chocolate Tahitians, color-treated chocolate Tahitians, and dyed chocolate freshwater pearls. The most popular and common overtones of chocolate pearls are subtle tones of green/bronze, gold, and rose.

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