Why Are Natural Stone Beaded Bracelets So Popular?

There's no surprise that natural stone beaded bracelets are very popular. They're absolutely stunning, eye-pleasing and unique. Beaded stones are a great way to embrace nature and keep you looking fabulous. The best part is that they take too less time to make.

Reasons Why These Are Wildly Popular

1. Natural Stones Are Eco-Friendly

Beaded stones are made from natural stone. The recycled beads are safe for the planet and your body. They are not harmful for the environment like other articles of jewelry might be some times. Also, they are multi-purpose and let you stay connected with nature.

2. Beaded Stones Are Affordable

Natural stone beaded bracelets can be made for as little as $3 to as much as $500. So you can choose a price range depending on what you're looking for in a bracelet. If you decide you want to try making jewelry, it's easy to start your collection while staying on budget.

3. Beaded Stones Are Easy To Make

You do not need any experience or workshop space to start making your own beaded bracelet made of natural stones. All you need is a pair of pliers, a stone and a bit of creativity. Anyone can make jewelry with natural stones if they focus well and have ideas in their mind.

4. Beaded Stones Are Fashionable

Natural stone beaded bracelets are so trendy that you can wear them on the ward, to work, with a dress or a top, or even with your comfy jeans and t-shirt. They're stunning and unique--no two bracelets will ever look identical.

5. Natural Stones Are Always Subtle

Beaded stones add just enough bling without being super-flashy or over-the-top. The beads are subtle and delicate at the same time. They add texture to your skin and are not irritating, even if worn every day.

6. Natural Stones Are Easy To Match

With different colors and textures of beads, you can easily match your bracelet with other accessories in your outfit like a necklace or a pair of earrings--or even wear them all together.

7. Natural Stones Are Versatile

You can wear semi-precious stone beaded bracelets with casual or dressy outfits. They're perfect for work, weddings, parties, and any other formal occasion. They go with every outfit and don’t make you look overdressed or under dressed.

8. Stone Beads Are Timeless

Because they are hand-made with natural stone, you'll never have to worry about your beaded stone breaking or losing stones. They're made to last a lifetime, and you can pass them down to the next generation of your family as well.

9. Natural Stones Make For A Thoughtful Gift

Natural stone beaded bracelets are a great gift idea for people of all ages and professions. Whether you're looking for something to say thank you, congratulations, happy birthday, or I love you, this jewelry is always a fitting gift. You can also make your own gift cards by writing a message on parchment paper and trimming it to fit the bracelet.

10. Natural Stones Are Fashionable And Practical

Natural stones are believed to have healing powers as well as metaphysical properties. They're great for helping you feel strong and in control of your life. Every semi-precious gemstone has its own unique functionality, some promote love and empathy among relations and others promote self-confidence and upliftment of the soul.

Maintaining Your Bracelet

1. Always remember to remove your natural stone beaded bracelet before showering, bathing, or swimming to avoid water damage or stains from the minerals in your tap water. Do not leave it in your bathroom to avoid damage from steam and humidity.


2. Store your bracelets in a cloth-lined box, not in plastic or a paper bag. The cloth lining provides a soft surface for the beads to lay on preventing scratches or breaks.


3. Keep your jewelry away from solvents or cleaning products. Make sure your stones are dry before storing them for the night, and store them in a dust-free environment.


4. Clean your beads with water and mild soap before wearing to remove any oils, dirt or grime that collect on your bracelet during day-to-day usage.


5. Polish your stones using a soft clean cloth to remove dirt built-up.


6. Store your bracelet in a dry spot away from heat and direct sunlight, which could cause the metal to rust, break or bend.


7. Avoid wearing it during work that involves heavy lifting or playing sports, or any other physical activity that could potentially damage your bracelet or cause yourself harm due to the natural stone used to create this unique piece of jewelry.

How To Make

Step 1: Prepare your stones by collecting four or five different colored beads. You can use a different combination each time; your natural stone beaded bracelet pattern will keep changing in color and design.


Step 2: Lay out the pattern you want your bracelet to be. You can have a different pattern on each bracelet.


Step 3: Use your pliers to bend the stones into patterns and shapes you want them to be. Once your pattern is complete, it's time for the final step.


Step 4: Using a pair of flat-nosed pliers, squeeze the clasp shut and keep squeezing until you hear a satisfying snap to close off the bracelet.


Step 5: Make sure your stone beads are all back in place and that your bracelet is securely closed. Then trim off any loose strands of thread or other pieces that might be hanging out of your bracelet. If you're making more than one, wrap them all up together so they don't get lost while being transported to a recipient or gifted to someone else.


Step 6: You will need thick, durable string, strong thread, curved needle and glass beads. Nylon thread is not recommended.

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