Why Are Elephants Good Luck Charms? Let’s Find Out

One of the largest animals on the planet, elephants are also among the most intelligent and socially adept creatures on Earth. They share a special bond with humans that distinguishes them from other animals. They have been part of human communities for thousands of years, and they have been employed as domesticated animals since at least the second century CE. Elephants are capable of mimicking human speech and many other actions, as well as possessing a sense of morality that goes beyond their own survival or reproductive success. Humans are attached to these giants not only because they are intriguing and beloved, but because for many people they represent something more than just another animal.


Over the years humans have developed a strong bond with this animal. They consider it a lucky charm. Elephant charms are one such example where you can see that humans love wearing jewelry which depicts their love for this animal. But it is not just the people who love the elephant who wear these charms; even those people who don’t like elephants also love to wear them as they believe that this jewelry will bring them luck. During ancient times, elephant charms were made of ivory. These were worn as lockets and pendants as well as rosaries and necklaces. It was thought that these charms would protect the wearer from evil forces and bring good luck to the person wearing them.

Let's See Why This Magnificent Creature Is Considered Lucky.

In this blog we will take a look at the history of animal charms such as elephant charms as well as what makes them so popular today. We'll also explore why people believe that elephants are lucky and what symbolism they carry with them. It might sound funny, but there are actually many ways in which an elephant can bring you good luck. If you want to be successful in your endeavors, you better make sure that the ever-lucky pachyderms are on your side. Here are some reasons why elephants are lucky:


  1. They are a symbol of good fortune - they signify good fortune. And gifting people objects depicting elephants is actually a symbol of good luck. Elephant figurines are used as an amulet protector against bad luck and misfortune thereby warding off evil spirits. In particular, they are also used as a charm to increase fertility in women and protect children from evil spirits at night time.


  1. They attract abundance - Elephants are associated with abundance and prosperity. Many cultures around the world have a belief that elephants bring joy and happiness to the families [especially the children]. A good harvest is expected in the family when at least one elephant figurine is given to every member of the family in order to multiply the wealth.


  1. They bring health and wealth - They are believed to be an important symbol of good health and strength. They are associated with good health because they are believed to have medicinal values, especially when used in herbal remedies - their horn is believed to cure snake bites, festering sores, internal worms, etc.


  1. They protect you from danger - The elephant is regarded as a force of protection against harm or danger, particularly when depicted as statues or figurines. The elephant is widely used as a symbol of strength, courage and reliability especially in times of tension and safety. Their loud trumpet call is also often heard at festive occasions or to ward off evil spirits. Even in war fronts, elephants are used for fighting the enemy.


  1. They bring good luck for business & success - Elephants are considered to be auspicious for businesses and especially when carrying out ventures. When elephants appear in the dream, they symbolize prosperity and profit. An elephant's head figurine is seen in most Asian households to indicate that business will be profitable, whether it is a major company or just the family run business. Elephants are associated with success and prosperity, that is why they are used as mascots for numerous companies. They symbolize that the organizations will succeed in their endeavors.


  1. They help create strong bonds - Elephants live in herds and family bond is very important to them. They help you create a strong bond with your loved ones. You can gift beautiful elephant jewelry to your family members and this helps strengthen the bond among you all.


  1. They are symbols of happiness - There's something about an elephant that makes us happy. You can adorn your home with beautiful elephant statues. You can even wear bracelets with tiny elephant charms or pendants. Elephant jewelry not only looks classy but also infuses happiness into your life.

Final Thoughts

Animal charms have been used in jewelry making in the past. These charms may be used to signify a special person or animal in the wearer's life. The elephant is a lucky charm for many reasons. Elephants symbolize wisdom, integrity, and stability. They are also the largest land animal on the planet and represent power and strength. For these reasons, elephants have been brought into jewelry making to signify strength or provide protection from dangers in life. The elephant's wisdom has always been respected. The elephant is associated with the Hindu God Ganesha, who is believed to remove obstacles in life, and offer wisdom to anyone who follows him. Hindus wear elephant jewelry to represent their faith in Ganesha. Buddhist elephants are also symbolic of peace. Their peaceful nature is reflected in the jewelry that they are featured in. Around the world, people believe that elephants bring good luck and will be drawn to elephant jewelry when they see it.


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