What Color Gemstone Beads For Your Skin Tone?

The jewelry you wear is indicative of your preferences and nature as a person. Different events would need different types of jewelry, statement jewelry for office parties, decent and low-key oval gemstone jewelry for date nights, chunky and extravagant jewelry for festivities and club getaways. But what is common among all these is that the jewelry must go with your specific and prominent skin tone. And everyone wanted their jewelry to not only complement their outfit but also to compliment their skin tone and overall personality.

Different Tones

The contrast between your skin tone and jewelry will make a lot of difference on your overall look and elegance. But to choose the best jewelry according to your skin tone, you need to first know better about the undertones of your skin. There are three major skin undertones: warm, cold and neutral.

Warm Tone

This is seen mostly in people with dusky and earthy skin colors. Fair people may also have a warm undertone so the way to recognize it is focusing on the color of your veins. If your veins are green in color, you have a warm undertone. People with warm skin undertone look better with colors like red, yellow, brown, orange, green, mustard, etc. and their similar shades. You should prefer gold and rose gold metals over silver and platinum.

Cold Tone

Cold undertone is mostly found in fair to medium toned skin colors. How to know if you have a cold undertone? If your veins have a blue color, you have a cold undertone. Colors like blue, purple, pink, grey, white, turquoise, etc. flatter your skin the most if you have a cold undertone. You should consider 2mm oval gemstone beads in these colors. Also, silver and platinum metals will suit you more.

Neutral Tone

If you have a neutral undertone, you are at the most favorable place. This is because all the colors suiting warm and cold undertones look great on your neutral undertone skin. If your veins around your wrist or any other sheer area of skin are both green and blue colored, you have a neutral undertone. You can wear either red or pink, grey or brown, silver or gold, almost every color will suit you perfectly.

What Gemstones You Should Prefer For Your Skin Tone?

For Warm Undertones

  • Yellow Topaz:

Yellow topaz is one of the most vibrant and beautiful gemstones with yellow and orange tones. It is durable and goes well in rings and minimalist necklaces. It flatters the skin of warm undertone wearers.

  • Red Tiger’s Eye:

Among the top 2mm gemstone beads that flatter warm undertone skins is Red Tiger’s Eye. It has beautiful red and black hues and is easily available at our Dream Of Stones online store. A red tiger’s eye gemstone beads bracelet would pop on the warm undertone skin.

  • Carnelian And Citrine:

Both carnelian and citrine gemstone beads have a vitreous luster with colors ranging between red to yellow. These gemstone beads whether in bracelet or necklace or earrings, look beautiful on warmer undertones and add radiance to the overall look.

For Cold Undertones

  • Amethyst

Among the most complimenting gemstone beads for cold undertone skin tones is amethyst. It is a shiny and raw purple stone that is also available in bulk gemstone chips on our online store. These can be worn as bracelets or necklaces.

  • Tanzanite

Tanzanite gemstone beads are blue and purple in color and go the best with cool undertones. These can be carved into a ring to uplift your outfit and also, brings positive energy to and around the wearer.

  • Rhodonite And Rose Quartz

Both found in pink colors, rhodonite can be mostly seen with darker inclusions while rose quartz has a spectacular vitreous sheen. These 2mm gemstone beads available on our website flatter cold toned skin.

For Neutral Undertones

All the above given beads and almost all others compliment the neutral undertones very well. If you have a neutral undertone but darker skin tone, you can go with warm undertone colors. And if you have fairer skin tones, cool undertone colors will look better on you.


Now that you know which gemstones will suit your skin the best, move on to our wide collection of gemstone beads and bulk gemstone chips to find your favorite pick. Visit Dream of Stones’ online store today.

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