What Are Rhinestones And Their Various Types

A rhinestone is a decorative stone made from glass, metal, plastic, or acrylic. Rhinestones are most often used on clothes and jewelry as adornments. They resemble diamonds in shape and luminescence and shine equally when placed under the sun. The origins of rhinestone can be traced back to the 18th century Austria where they were first found in the river Rhine. These were beautiful crystal and shiny stones which were among the most like stones of the time. But as time passed, the stone became rare and inventions were made to make artificial and crystal variants of rhinestone. The rhinestone that we know today is a replica of the original stone which is used in decorating clothes, handbags, accessories, showpieces, etc. and finer versions of it are used in jewelry like our very own rhinestone owl charm at Dream of Stones. The different types of rhinestones are:

Types Of Rhinestone According To Formation:

1. Glass

The first type of rhinestone is made from glass. It is usually a clear, colorless or transparent stone that can be dyed to form beautiful stones for diverse uses. The glass rhinestones are very preferred because they resemble the diamond in every way and can be made at less than half of its price. The glass rhinestones are also used in making imitation jewelry and things that need a cheap look of diamonds. This type of stone is very easy to be cut, pressed, or even glued on clothing or jewelry. These stones give a matte darkish look when compared with the other types of stone that shine brightly under the sun.

2. Acrylic

These are clear rhinestones made from acrylic. These stones are mostly available in many different sizes, colors and shapes but are originally transparent. Another good thing about the use of acrylic rhinestones is that if you drop them they will not break into pieces like does with the crystal rhinestone. Acrylic rhinestones owl charms are lightweight and can be used in a number of projects including imitation jewelry, accessories, showpieces, clothes, etc.

3. Plastic

The second type of stones are made from plastic. The plastic rhinestones are not as popular as the real or glass ones. They do not shine as bright as glass and have poor light reflection. But their popularity depends on their use. The best types of plastic rhinestones give a very realistic look like the other types and can be used for fabric decoration. However, plastic stones are not very durable and eventually lose their grace.

4. Crystal

Crystal rhinestones are the most expensive ones. Crystal rhinestones are made from the crystal minerals which are formed by adding lead to glass. The more the lead content, the better is the quality of the crystal. These stones are commonly found and can be dyed to form any color of rhinestone that you desire, the light reflecting power is also quite high. Crystal rhinestones are used for decoration purposes and making imitation jewelry like gold plated charms as they are the closest stones in existence to the original rhinestones.


Types According To The Backside

1. Flat Back:

This is among the most basic rhinestone colors that come in flat backs. A clear rhinestone flat back which is opaque and usually used as an under layer on the surface of crystals to enhance its brilliance.

2. Pointed Back:

A rhinestone with pointed back is commonly used in bags and decorative. These have to be carefully glued to the surface so they don't fall off easily.

3. Metal Back:

A rhinestone with metal back has a rhinestone metal layer placed on the crystal's backside. The metal is usually applied to enhance the polished look of the stone. These are generally used in gold plated charms and are very durable.

4. Pierced for Sewing:

This is a rhinestone which has a cut-out hole on the front part of it that can also open at the backside. By applying this in the right placements, not only can you make an applique but in addition, you can also use the stone for sewing purposes.

5. Prong Back:

This is an embellishment that has rhinestones that are fixed onto the back using prongs or pins. Also known as pin back, this type of stone has to be applied into strategic places and often used as anchors.


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