Ways To Take Care Of Your Crystal Gemstones

The strength and power of crystals is not at their height if they are not maintained and cleaned regularly. There are many practices that are prevalent to cleanse the crystals and not all of them relate to cloth and soap. But all of these serve the same purpose i.e., upkeep and durability of the clear crystals. So, it is better to take proper care and clean the crystals on a regular basis than to leave them be.

Cleansing Of Crystals

The best way to clean your crystals is soaking them in salt water overnight. Before keeping them like that all night, you should rinse and clean them with your fingers. It is believed that regular cleansing helps to get rid of all the negative energies from the crystals and restore its energy. It also removes the excess toxins from the crystals. The cleansing of crystals is also strongly recommended for newly availed crystals to let them get to their fuller power. Another way of performing cleansing on the crystals is through rinsing them in running water. Many believers also make use of full moon nights to cleanse and charge their crystals but these are based on old beliefs and myths and do not hold much practical evidence. However, applying foaming soap and other artificial cleansers on the natural stones is not recommended as it sets the crystal off and affects its light and color.

Charging Of Crystals

The crystals are best charged through incense smoke. It is mostly a spiritual practice and is believed to bring out the best from the crystals. It helps cleanse and charge the crystal at the same time and get them back to their full energy. Once the crystals are rid of external negativity and toxins, it is best to charge them to bring their power back to normal. Many crystal owners believe in doing it at regular intervals and also do it after getting a new crystal quartz. When you perform charging on a stone, you can also see physical changes in it, like its color coming back to normal and feeling it re-attaining its power. It is said that if you want to have the best benefit from a healing crystal, it needs to be taken care of very thoroughly. It does not demand extensive care but there are certain practices that are prevalent for years. Since the crystals have a spiritual meaning along with their beauty, these are considered lucky and there is no harm in cleaning and charging them every once in a while. It is also believed that the crystals must never be bought only for selfish motives like greed or nullification of evils. But it should be obtained with an open mind and spirit and to help nurture it while it nurtures you.


Some more ways of charging the crystals is placing them in direct sunlight and letting it get power from it. Additionally, placing it with other powerful gemstones and crystals like citrine, amethyst and quartz. Meditating while keeping your crystal beads close and making use of spiritual sounds like singing bowls and chanting can refine the vibrations of the crystals. Sage is also used to charge the stones because of its healing properties. So, keep a stone for a short duration with the plant and help it with lighting an aroma stick.

Grounding Of Crystals

The practices of cleansing and charging are also used to activate the crystals. Grounding means to rid the stone of any external influence or energy that is hindering its power and stopping it from working its best. It helps to protect its light and powers from foreign powers and retain its own energy. Another way of viewing is to use the crystals to ground yourself as well. It means to be collected with your physical and inner sense again and feeling one with the physical self. The charging and activating practices can be put to use to ground the crystals as well but the most prevalent practice is to simply place the crystals on ground for some time. The Earth is the prime source of grounding energies and is the most effective source too. Keeping the stones in bundles can also help to ground the stone and keep it appropriately energized.

End notes

If you have crystals and want to experience the most from them, it is strongly recommended to take proper care of them. If you do not wear them on a regular basis, keep them in a secure and warm place. If they are kept as decoration pieces, the place should be clean and dirt free. At Dream of Stones, we have a collection of all the crystal beads one can have. Get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com today.

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