Useful Tips On How To Care For Your Natural Stone

People love wearing gemstone jewelry and they come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. From ancient civilizations to modern-day celebrities, people have worn different jewelry natural stones for centuries. One should keep this fact in mind that gemstone beads also need proper care. If you do not handle them with care or clean them at regular intervals, they will get scratches. These scratches can reduce their luster that is why you should know how to keep stone charms for necklaces scratch-free.


Some of the most common gems that you can find in jewelry stores are amethyst, garnet, emerald, sapphire, citrine, ruby, and diamond. These gems are known as precious stones because they are very rare. The rarity of these stones commands a very high price when you buy them. You can buy gemstone beads online from various platforms where you find natural stone jewelry for sale.

Reasons why gemstones lose their luster include the following:

1. Jewelry natural stones get damaged by everyday actions such as dropping or banging them around. This may occur years after it was purchased.

2. Jewelry that is not properly cared for can easily tarnish, just like other metals. Therefore, you should take good care of your jewelry items to avoid tarnishing and help guard against scratches and dents on your jewelry pieces.

3. People may try to wear gemstones in places where they do not belong. For example, it is not recommended to wear gemstones in your bathroom due to the chemicals that are present in showers and baths, such as bleach.

4. Different gemstone beads can get scratched and damaged by other gemstones. This includes attaching another gemstone onto another one. It is not recommended to wear two beads from the same material together, as this creates a weak point in the gemstone and can cause damage to it.

Tips To Take Proper Care Of Gemstones

There are many ways to take care of gemstones and many different techniques that collectors use. Always remember to keep the following advice in mind when caring for your prized collection:


1) Keep stone charms for necklaces out of direct sunlight as much as possible and avoid any type of heat or moisture (including sweat or water) as it will be too easy for the stone to become damaged.


2) Always clean your stones with a soft cotton cloth or soft brush. Avoid using any type of chemicals or cleaners that may damage the stone itself and always remove any jewelry natural stones before applying chemicals in order to avoid damaging the setting.


3) If a stone appears cloudy, try cleaning it with some soapy water and a plain toothbrush. Remember to clean it gently, as brushing too hard can scratch the stone.


4) There are many different types of chemicals that may be used on gemstones to clean them or to enhance their properties. Always use the least damaging product possible for the cleaning and choose the best quality product for enhancement.

How To Get Your Scratched Gemstones Fixed?

If you notice that your gemstone is looking dull or scratched up, you'll want to fix the issue ASAP. In order to get your precious gems back in form, you should visit the jeweler and show it to him. You can also search on the internet and this will help in fixing beads online, so you do not have to visit vendors’ stores again and again. The first thing they will do is evaluate your gemstone to check if it is dirt, scratches, or gem facets are completely broken or not.


The jeweler will then wash your pearls with warm water to remove any dirt or particles that are stuck on the gemstone surface. Failing to clean your stone charms for necklaces on a daily basis can cause scratches and dullness of the gem. The jeweler will closely observe and evaluate the problem.


If the reason behind the dullness of the beads is an accumulation of dust and dirt, it will be cleaned through steam cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning methods. These methods will knock out the dirt from the tiny nooks and crannies of the piece of jewelry. But if the gemstone is chipped or scratched, the jeweler will have to polish and re-facet it.


Fixing Scratched Gemstone By Polishing In Different Manners

1. Small surface scratches: If the gemstone does not have deep scratches, then it can be fixed through the standard polishing process and restoration to its original luster.


2. Cloudy facets: The facets of gemstone beads can become cloudy when exposed to the air for long periods of time or stored in an unsuitable environment. To restore it to its original luster, the jeweler will follow the actual pattern of facets while polishing the gemstone so that it can restore to its original luster.


3. Chipped facets: These occur after wearing the jewelry piece for long years and after high wear and tear. These can be fixed by reinforcing additional gold or other material used in it and then polishing it in order to get back its original luster.


4. Fading: This occurs when the colors get darker in a gemstone due to wear and tear, or exposure to the air. In some cases, the gemstone might be restorable as it still retains its original color for most of its life span even after it has been worn for many years. However, some gemstones might fade over time and become unattractive; this is generally caused by inadequate care and cleaning after wearing.

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