Unique Ways To Use Broken Gemstones And Beads In Fresh Jewelry Designs

You might think of broken gemstones and beads as relics that should either be disposed of because you can no longer use them. But they can also be incorporated into jewelry designs with unique and creative flair. From the tiniest accent piece to something bolder, you can use them to create unforgettable pieces, like a necklace with broken gemstone or flat wooden beads, a charm bracelet filled with colorful briolettes, or even earrings adorned with old treasures.


The best part is that these recycled jewels don't have to look like every other piece of jewelry you've ever seen. You can turn them into anything from a statement pendant to a bulky bracelet, and even the display is entirely up to you. Since these are unlike any other bead you've used, the jewelry you make is exceptionally unique and elegant. So, it's time to sort through your treasure trove for the best pieces to use in a new design. Whether you're creating a necklace or just accenting an existing piece, make sure that each broken piece fits well into its final place.

Things To Consider Before Starting

One of the most important aspects of using broken gemstones and beads is to consider how they will fit into your piece. Because you're working with something that has an entirely different shape to it, you can't use it in the same ways.


Repair the beads a little to make them ready to use but don't mend them so much that they lose their uniqueness. For example, you can put a hole through the broken flat wooden bead to put it into a string. Or if two beads of equal size are broken in a similar manner, you can glue them seamlessly together to make a new and beautiful bead for use.


Since you're working with unique pieces, the design process can also be different. Make sure that the use of the broken beads is relatively easy to see. You can accent a piece by attaching a colorful cabochon or something more basic like a small round bead. The key point is to make sure that your chosen beads are a focal point and don't get lost in the rest of your design.

Be Creative

One of the best parts about working with broken pieces is that you can be creative with them. Use them to make something bolder and unique, like a bracelet that's unlike anything else you've seen before. You can even make jewelry from two broken beads, no matter what they're made of.

Jewelry To Make


You can use broken beads to create pendant necklaces like never seen before. But because they are so unique, you can also use them as pendants. Take the natural black rhodonite broken bead and carve it into silver or gold, whichever you prefer, to make a pendant. Necklaces are especially great because they can be made with very little effort, or you can wear a necklace with plenty of different aspects that show off your style.


Broken gemstone beads are great for bracelets, especially if you combine them with unique charms and dangles. You can add a charm or a bead to the main part of the bracelet to give it a focal point. Then add broken gemstone beads to each side or at other points on the design for decoration. You may need to redo the holes of some of the broken flat wooden beads to put them into the wire. Make sure that you have enough matching beads so that everything is symmetrical and even and each piece makes sense with its position in the overall design. Use broken gemstone beads as spacers, or maybe even sew them onto a bracelet if they suit the look.


Broken beads can be quite versatile as an option in earrings. You can use them to create simple studs, or use them in a pair of earrings to add a more bold accent to your everyday look. This also gives you the opportunity to mix up the design with different shapes and colors. Like with pendants, you can get them carved into gold or silver wire to hold them and give them a graceful look.

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