Ultimate Gemstone Buying Guide Online

Among the most convenient ways of getting the gemstones that you like for your projects is online. Say goodbye to the hassles of going to the market physically only to find out that the gemstone for your choice is not available. Online stores like us, Dream of Stones, have a wide variety of gemstones in different sizes and shapes like, chip beads, flat crystal beads, 4mm beads, etc., to aid any and every need of yours. Plus, you don’t have to go anywhere, and can have the stones delivered to you at your doorstep. However, there are certain things you should always consider before making a purchase online, even if it is from our store.

Types Of Gemstones

There are plenty of gemstones available in the online store. These include, amethyst beads, quartz and rose quartz gemstones, opal, onyx, iolite, amazonite, aquamarine, carnelian, citrine, chalcedony, jasper, agate, wholesale gold beads and so on and so forth. There are so many stones and all these represent something unique and have their own prominent features. It is hard to keep up with each of their properties but as a smart and aware buyer, you always need to be informed and have decent knowledge of the gemstone you’re interested in buying. This is for you to identify your needs and then set off to choosing which one to buy.

Seller’s Authenticity

One of the factors that cannot be skipped whilst buying not only just gemstones but anything online is the proof of the seller’s authenticity. If you look closely, the authentic seller will have a number of red flags and scopes of doubt that leave you wondering if there is anything fishy. It may be the interface of the website or the price of the gemstones. So, do not ignore such signs and buy from only the sellers you fully trust. We at Dream of Stones are authentic and sell genuine quality gemstones that are sourced from suppliers with whom we have a long-standing relationship. We value customer satisfaction and have a sense of compassion towards those who face frauds online. You can visit our online store to witness for yourself. With full background information and details interface, we engage in truthful business.

Customer Reviews

When you visit an authentic Clear Crystal Quartz Gemstone Beads seller’s website, there are several sections that display different types of information that are important for the visitors and buyers. One such section is the customer reviews or testimonials. Apart from this, you can also contact their previous customers through their social media handles and other platforms to ascertain that the reviews are also genuine and not forged. This also gives you an insight into the online store’s services and values.

Gemstone Treatments

As a gemstone buyer, you should know that a lot of gemstones are available in the raw form. But almost all gemstones pass through different chemical and lab treatments to form into the final piece for bead chain online purchase. But treatments like dying and heating that lead to color changes are not the essential treatments. There may be troughs and cavities in the gemstones that have to be filled with glass and some others undergo essential heat treatment. When you receive the gemstones ordered online, look into them closely to make sure that other than the necessary treatments are not conducted on them.

Gemstone Cut And Make

The cut and make of the gemstone shows the authenticity of the stone. Several stones are seen in their raw shapes and are not modified in cabochon shapes or pencils. When the cut of the stone is not perfect, it makes the stone to damage and break ahead of time and destroys its durability. Make depends on the mining and treatment of the stone.

Description And Images

The product description is where you can find the full details of the stone. First, you need to have some knowledge about how a certain stone looks like and what its properties are. Second, the description should be in depth and should disclose about the loose stone beads’ make and build. The images, in addition to the description, should be authentic and original and should not have been taken from the internet. These aspects strengthen the authenticity of the online website.


We at Dream of Stones understand your specific needs and help you get the best gemstone you can have. We also have a wide collection of wood beads and beading material and tools. Get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com today.

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