Types of Wooden Beads You Need to Know

Many jewelry enthusiasts love working with wood beads because of their organic appeal and matchless beauty. When graywood beads, rosewood beads, ebony wood beads, etc. are paired with natural materials, the jewelry pieces look great. They also possess ancestral memories and this is why everyone is attracted to them. Several DIYers or beaders find it exciting to work with wood beads as the manufacturing is economical and earning is profitable. Now let’s get to know about them in detail.

How Wood Beads Are Made?

Wood beads are made differently than plastic stones. To make plastic gems, material is poured into molds, then cut and shaken to lose them from molds. But wood beads need to be created carefully following a series of hand-guided processes. To make natural wood beads, first you have to cut wood into small pieces. Then these pieces should be turned, carved, and then shaped into desired designs/shapes. The last step is to get them polished to give finishing. They are famous because of their fascinating and unique textures.In addition to this, they are lighter in weight than gemstones and other jewelry making accessories. This is why people love and find it comfortable to wear heavy beaded jewelry pieces.

Various Types of Wood Beads

Here are some of the most common and popular wood beads that you should know:

  1. Ebony Beads

Ebony’ is a descriptive term that refers to many varieties of dense, black, or dark hardwoods. The ebony beads are distinguished from other beads as they have a fine, tight wood grain that looks attractive when polished. Some ebony wood beads are referred as Tiger Ebony beads because they form a banded pattern as they are a mix of dark brown and dark black hues. These stones are highly durable.

  1. Rosewood Beads

These beads are made from a robust and strong hardwood and they have loose wooden grain texture. Rosewood beads are available in red-colored hues and pale colors. These gems are used for making both jewelry pieces as well as various other ornamental projects. They also emphasize banded and circular patterns.

  1. Palmwood Beads

Palmwood beads can be easily made from the wood of palm trees such as date palms and coconut trees. They have gray and black patterns that are there naturally and this characteristic makes them different from others. They possess pretty black grain markings in parallel which appear as if someone has painted them. They can be used to make various ornaments because they are smooth, lightweight, and have a fine texture. These are easily available and their price is also genuine.

  1. Graywood Beads

Graywood term is used to describe particular species of wood that are gray in color. They are popular because when they are rolled in the light, they have a distinct but subtle shining smoky gray appearance. These gems are very lighter in weight and are perfect for making jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. You can easily find different colored graywood beads online from various platforms.

  1. Nangka Beads

They are made from the wood of Jackfruit trees and thus also known as jackfruit beads. This wood is also used for construction of houses and furniture and many musical instruments are also made from this wood. The thing that distinguishes them from other gems is their yellow brown and golden brown tones. They are perfect for jewelry pieces for youth. Nangka beads are smooth and hard but have a loose wood grain texture.

  1. Bayong Beads

They are made from wood of Bayong trees and these trees are commonly found in the Philippines and nearby areas. These trees are present in a range of ultra-warm hues ranging from light brown shades to dark brown shades. The wood is highly durable and the gems do not wear easily and are thus ideal for making jewelry pieces. They are available in different shapes such as pukalet beads, saucer-shaped beads, etc.

  1. Magkuno Beads

Magkuno beads are made from the hardest wood in the world which is known as ironwood. It is fun to work with them as they are available in chocolate brown hues which resemble dark chocolate or milk chocolate. In comparison to rosewood beads and graywood beads these beads are extra dense and extra smooth. These characteristics make them ideal to make bold jewelry pieces. When polished, they shine similar to well-tended furniture. In addition to this, ironwood is also used to make furniture.

  1. Robles

Robles wood is found in tropical areas and they grow long thus forming canopy in the forests. The wood is light but highly strong and has properties similar to teak trees. It is also used to make boats, hardwood cabinets and wood veneers. The grain of these beads looks like waves which appear like fingerprints. The beads are present in light shades as well as in dark hues.


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