Top Necklace Styles with Pendants in 2021

Who doesn’t like pendant necklaces? There are endless designs that you can create with a chain and a pendant. Bee charms, for example, can be clubbed with a variety of other charms, can be made into cord sets or put in a necklace and gifted to a loved one. A pendant necklace can be as pretty as possible, all it depends on is how much hard work and creativity you put in making it and how you want it to look. Plus, being trendy has never hurt anyone and pendant necklaces have been in trend for so many ages that they are timeless.

1. Chokers

The choker is an elegant way to have fun with fashion without being too overbearing or blatantly revealing. You can take this type of necklace into any social situation, making it a trendy accessory for just about every occasion. And chokers are made even more interesting with an added charm in it. These have a smaller chain and are closely set with the throat. Pendant choker is great for special occasions and office parties because of how elegant and classy it looks.

2. Layered Necklaces

This type of necklace is very versatile and can be worn to work, school, or even on a date. You can have a little fun with it by wearing multiple layers or even different styles; you can't go wrong with this type of accessory. You can add different sized and shaped charms to each layer. For example, you can add a gemstone charm in one layer and add a honey bee charm in another layer. You can buy bee charms online from our jewelry store, Dream of Stones.


3. Pendant Necklaces

These are almost like miniature pieces of art that can hang right near your heart. The best part is that they're not very expensive and the pendants come in so many different styles. Our favorite are gemstones carved into metal and made into charms to be put in necklace chains. These look the most beautiful, minimalist and add an edge to the overall look. Not only this, each gemstone has a unique meaning related to it, which makes wearing them even better.

4. Gold Chain Pendant Necklace

There's something about gold chains that make them stand out among the other necklaces around. No matter what style or shape, they can be worn with pretty much anything, making them an accessory that almost anyone can pull off. These add an extra bling at special parties and weddings. A gold pendant when added to a gold chain is what makes it absolutely phenomenal. Try adding a bee charm to a gold chain and you can’t deny its beauty.

5. Feather Necklace

These delicate necklaces are the perfect compliment to a sexy dress or an already drab outfit. They add a fancy touch to your look and add a unique flair to your Layered Necklaces

This type of necklace is very versatile and can be worn to work, school, or even on a date. You can have a little fun with it by wearing multiple layers or even different outfit. They also make great gifts, especially for the women in your life on their birthday or on anniversaries. You can add a feather charm or get the chain made in a feather design and keep the pendant sleek. Either way, it is a pretty light and beautiful piece of pendant jewelry. But make sure the feather pendant is animal friendly.

6. Pendant Necklace Sets

When you don't know what necklace to choose, why not make a set? If you like to mix and match different pieces of jewelry, then the pendant necklace set is for you. There are even sets out there that come with matching earrings and bracelets. We have bee charms online that can be made into earrings or used in a necklace or both very easily. So, you can make yourself a coordinated pendant necklace set without having to worry where to find such similar and multipurpose charms. These sets are so great that you can wear them as a complete set or can wear the necklace and earrings separately as well.


7. Faux Chain Necklaces

These necklaces come in so many pretty color options, they're almost impossible to pass up. They're great for day or night wear, and are a great way to jazz up your look without being too overwhelming. The chains that these necklaces look like can hold more than just one pendant and so, are very unique and in trend. These are very easy to make and match with different outfits. They have the potential to lift up a very simple outfit and spice the whole look up. The better you look, the more confident you feel.


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