Top Gemstones Will Make You Feel Pleasant

There are a number of pearls and semi-precious gemstones that are great for wearing everyday. But what most people don’t know about gemstones is that these are great for mental and physical healing as well. Semi precious stones are very easy to make into jewelry and create unique pieces. And as you start to wear these in jewelry, you will feel a change in certain aspects of life. Not all gemstones work the same. Some are good for prosperity and wealth, while others promote spiritual growth and self awareness. It is interesting to know and feel how authentic stones lift your mood and make your day more pleasant. So, here are some of the stones that can promote happiness and joy for you.

Top Gemstones For Happiness And Calm


One of the most powerful and easiest to carry is the amethyst gemstone. This stone is a must have for any beginner while it is also a favourite of many gemologists. This stone promotes positivity and controls mood swings. It helps the wearer to keep away from negative vibes and promotes spirituality. It is a great healing gemstone that keeps the wearer away from over drinking and helps them to have a hold on their emotions and intentions. Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones and for good reasons.


Although a little expensive, ruby is one gemstone that cannot be compared with any other because of its incredible properties. The vibrant red color is one of the things that makes it so powerful as well as attractive. It helps to increase motivation and vitality, and encourages creativity and new adventures. The best part about ruby gemstone is, it can be worn almost everyday and it doesn’t weigh the wearer down at all. It is very appropriate to be given as engagement rings and can also be made into a pendant necklace.


Tourmaline, especially black, is a great stone for those looking for mood upliftment and positivity in their life. It acts as a protective stone and has been recognized as having a great effect on grounding of people. It is a great stone to keep at home as it lightens up any room it is put in and protects the members from any negativity. Tourmaline helps to revive the wearer’s connection with mother nature and find joy in the day to day activities.


Opal is a silica gemstone that has a great iridescent sheen to it. It is one of the best stones for positivity and prosperity while also being utterly beautiful and wearable. Opal gemstone encourages creativity and confidence and helps the wearer to foster freedom and independence. Not only this, the best quality of this stone is that it helps to control temper and realize one’s true worth. Opal also instigates interest in arts and improves memory.


As beautiful and comfortable as quartz is, it has some brilliant metaphysical characteristics. The best are rose and smoky quartz. It fathoms the effects of negative vines and lightens up the aura of the wearer. It makes a great decorative and designing piece for modern homes and promotes health and wealth. Quartz is known for its ability to balance mind and body and also, is a must have stone for beginners.


This blue gemstone with vitreous sheen also is a very commendable stone for happiness and mood upliftment. Like the pearls, it helps to calm anger and be humble in the times of conflict. This stone releases stress and helps to be in touch with one's emotional and spiritual self. The wearer can feel peace and relief if they wear this stone regularly and helps heal emotional trauma. So, it automatically lifts up the wearer over time.


The best of gemstones is the orange-brown citrine. As a promoter of happiness and creativity, the citrine gemstone is also very convenient to wear everyday. It also makes it to the list of best stones for beginners and it protects the wearer from negative energies. It encourages a positive attitude, self-esteem and confidence. It brings with itself abundance and wealth and is a great token for lifting up a dull day. You can also keep a citrine stone with yourself if you want to keep your emotions balanced or overcome your fears.


Including the amethyst and quartz gemstones, pearls are also very much preferred for happiness and mood upliftment. The best of jewelry makers and enthusiasts have recognized the significance and powers of all these stones and so, recommend having them for happy days. If you want to uplift yourself and your surroundings, you can have any of these gemstones as beads from us, Dream of Stones. We have an elaborate collection of genuine gemstone beads that can be easily made to wear everyday. Get in touch with us today at

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