Top Gemstone Beads That Are Great as Vacation Accessories

If you're looking for some fashion inspiration on your next vacation, gemstone beads like coral beads can uplift your spirits and remove those airplane blues. Plus point is that you can match them to any type of clothing and create endless outfits. Whether it's a comfortable black dress or an elegant sundress, these gems are sure to make your vacation outfits more stylish. We have compiled a list of gems that are great for you to ensure a calming holiday that has no mishaps. So, whenever you plan to take a fun refreshing vacay, don’t forget to pack these Dream of Stones gems.


Amazonite beads make a great pick for your summer beach vacation. The vibrant blue hues match the clear skies and the ocean and makes you feel one with nature. In addition to being incredibly beautiful, these beads have amazing healing properties that revive your spirits and let you have the most fun time with your friends and family. These gemstone beads are available in many sizes and shapes at our online store so, include them in your vacay shopping list.


This gemstone has been popular among traveler and hobbyists as being the protective stone. Moonstone beads are believed to ensure safe travels and protection from accidents and bad aura. This is a unique gemstone, with blue and rainbow shades reflected under the white stone skin. It is not only preferable because of its rare qualities but also because of its eye-warming appearance. A ring or a tiny bead necklace will do the job for you while you take an overseas trip with your group of friends.


Turquoise is a celebrated gemstone since the olden times and its beauty is impeccable. Its metaphysical properties have been recognized and celebrated no less. Turquoise beads are believed to remove obstacles and bring positivity into the space its wearer is present in. It radiates calmness and serenity, which allows you to fully relax on your tropical trip to the American continent. It is a durable and low maintenance stone that can be worn by all genders. An added edge and elegance is what it's beads come with and you can find these on our online store easily and at affordable prices.


Hematite beads release stress and energize the wearer while at a family vacation. This stone comes as a savior when things get stressful at the holiday and bring about positivity and tranquility. It also promotes harmony between travelers and makes it easy to interact with strangers. Hematite is black in color with silver sheen, goes well with almost every holiday outfit and is great to wear at a fancy restaurant dinner. So, this bead from Dream of Stones cannot be left behind while going on a vacation.


An all rounder stone, amethyst works as well on a vacation as in any other situation. Amethyst beads keep the wearer safe from the evil eyes and encourage luck and abundance. If you have amethyst wrapped around your wrist, you can not have a bad time. It safeguards you from accidents and inconvenience. It makes the plans work and radiates love and positivity. Wear these spectacular purple beads as jewelry on a loving trip with your partner to have the time of your life. You can find a variety of beads on our online store.

Labradorite Beads

Almost no one is immune to flight fright and jet lags. Your overseas trip can be made easy and calming with the inclusion of labradorite beads. These help you recover from airplane blues and remove the chances of getting lags in the first place. These dusky beads make the plans sync and favorable things happen on your trip. The trip is made magnificent and you can feel the lax and contentment consuming you. It is an uncommon gemstone but you can find it on our website. Wear it in your necklace or just keep a bead in your pocket, the stone will do its work regardless.


We at Dream of Stone have a wide collection of all the travel friendly gemstones, whether it is amazonite beads or moonstone. Our flawlessly finished and authentic quality beads are here to make your vacation easy and relaxing. Visit our online store to get some for yourself today or get in touch with us at

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