Top Easy Bead Border Embroidery Stitching Designs

Stitching a bead border onto an embroidery design can be tricky as you have to plan ahead, decide the pattern you’re going to embroider and find just the right color choice and size beads. However, there are many easy to stitch bead borders from beads like labradorite beads that you can use when looking for a finishing touch. Here are some of the top beaded border designs that are simple and quick to stitch.


If you like to keep things simple and stitch squares, you can make a beautiful border from seed gemstone beads. Stitching a solid color square is easier than stitching a variegated square, as you don't need to worry about knitting stitches showing through. You can also mix your work and add multiple squares of beads embroidered around the design. You can also stitch one row without adding any beads and then add them on your next row.


Stitch your square in place. If you want to add labradorite beads, do so on every other row. You can add beads to every row or make it occasional, making some of the rows empty and filling the other parts with beads. Continue adding beads to every stitch. You can also add individual beads to the corners of each square stitch. You can add more beads for a dramatic effect.


The same idea as a square, but you can use hexagons instead of squares to create a more interesting border to your embroidery design. It's also an easy pattern to add beads to and stitch. When you finish stitching your work, you can add beads in the center or center top of your hoop.


Step 1: Begin stitching the beads in place.

Step 2: Add extra beads in the center at the top of the hoop and on every other stitch as well. (You can add more beads if you want. Just be careful not to over stuff your hoop.)

Step 3: Make sure the gemstone beads like lapis beads are set into every stitch very well.

Step 4: Add beads as per your liking and close the loop tightly.

Star Stitch Border

This is a simple star border design and is perfect for stitching on a string of beads. The technique involves stitching with two different threads and stitching the same stitch over and over again. For this pattern, you will be using an embroidery hoop or frame instead of a sewing machine.


Step 1: Stitch a row of single running stitch, working with two different colored threads. For example, stitch one row with blue and the next row with yellow thread.

Step 2: When you finish sewing, add some lapis beads, knot the threads together and cut them so that they are at least an inch from your work.

Step 3: Fold your embroidery over so that you will be looking at the back of it. Put your hoop on top of the design to make sure you know where exactly to sew next.

Step 4: Start stitching your star stitch. Only use one color thread and make sure not to stitch your work so tight as to cut through the previous row.

Step 5: Continue stitching until you finish up the row by adding the beads of your preference. Knot and cut off the thread, as before, but be sure that you have enough thread left on your spool to continue with the next rows of stitches if needed.


This is an easy design that is perfect if you want to add a little more flair to your topstitching. Labradorite beads are perfect for this design as well, as they help to create the appearance of waves and ripples.


Step 1: Begin stitching on the left hand side of the embroidery.

Step 2: Stitch one stitch over every other stitch in order to get the wave effect and add enough beads. You can either use one color or stitch two rows of different colors.

Step 3: Continue stitching until you complete the wave and have stitched the beads properly.

Step 4: Stitch another row of waves, but this time only do it over every other stitch and add beads.

Step 5: Continue to row stitches until you finish up the other side of the border.

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