Top 4 Jewelry Beads For Summer Jewelry Making

Summer sounds like colors and jewelry. Bright and blue skies make us want to shine too and what is better than making stone beads jewelry and wearing them while stepping out. The more colors, the better the jewelry and what a perk it is that gemstone beads are found in each and every color imaginable. World’s best gemologist and jewelry makers are flattered by the beauty and qualities of semi-precious gemstones. From the brilliant purple amethyst to the peaceful ruby, we have a gemstone to aid all our preferences. But what are the top beads that are the best for wearing in summer, that uplift your outfit and make you feel confident in your skin? Let’s find out.

Top Beads And Stones For Jewelry Making

  1. Amethyst Beads

Amethyst is one of those beads that have it all. It is the best bead for beginners, has incredibly benefiting qualities, a beautiful color and is perfect for everyday wear. A silica mineral, it has a lustrous sheen and is purple in color. Amethyst essentially belongs to the quartz family but has its own identity because of its powerful characteristics and color. It is a positivity and protective stone. This stone protects the wearer from negative vibes and promotes aura cleansing and positive emotions. It also helps the wearer get rid of trauma of the past, stress and anxiety, and sleep deprivation. As good as this stone is for metaphysical wellness, it is equally easy for jewelry making, like necklace pendant, beaded bracelet, earring and rings.

  1. Opal Beads

With iridescent appearance and translucent color, opal beads are one of the best kinds of beads for jewelry making. It has a lustrous sheen and can be easily worn every day or with any outfit at all. As for its metaphysical qualities, it is a versatile stone as well. The opal stone beads represent emotional balance and prosperity. It awakens the soul and inner eye of the wearer and helps them gain ultimate independence and confidence. If you have an interest in art, Opals can help intensify it. What’s more, this stone promotes faithfulness and memory strength. This tone looks great made into a wire ring and it can make any outfit charming and graceful.

  1. Rose Quartz

As a pink variety of quartz gemstone, the rose quartz gemstone beads are way more preferred than other varieties. It is a stunning stone with numerous remarkable qualities. For starters, it is a calming stone that helps to clean your aura when you wear it. It is a stone linked with feelings of love and affection and promotes self acceptance, trust and forgiveness. Rose Quartz is linked with heart chakra and is best for Taurus and Libra sun signs. For making stone beads jewelry with rose quartz, the use of silver string is recommended. 

  1. Amazonite

This is a gemstone with a beautiful blue color and impressive metaphysical qualities. Amazonite is one of the best stones for beginners and is very easily formed into jewelry. From beaded bracelets to pencil pendant necklace, it is pretty lightweight and appropriate for everyday wear. Amazonite is a healing stone linked with eloquence, integrity and open communication. If you wear it on a daily basis, you will experience a calmness in nerves and ease to achieve healthy living. To add to the positive qualities, it is associated with both heart and throat chakra and is beneficial if you have a calcium deficiency.

Latest Summer Jewelry Trends With Gemstone Beads

There are many kinds of beads in the market like plastic, resin, wood, animal bone beads, shell beads, gemstone beads, etc, and the semi-precious gemstone beads are undoubtedly the best. These are easily available, pretty affordable and can be made into any jewelry you like. Which is why, these are always in trend.


  • Among the most prevalent trends in the market today are chunky metal chains. Now, different metal chains are combined in a single piece and are separately designed in a unique and complementing way. One of such chains is equipped with gemstone beads that increase the beauty and allure of such neck pieces.


  • Another jewelry trend that is really in right now is wire wrapped bead rings and stone pendants. These may be raw beads or faceted ones but these make a great impression on the witnesses.


  • Last, but not the least, a beads trend worth mentioning is the combination bracelets. Beads of contrasting colors and complementing qualities like rose quartz and amethyst, seven chakra bracelets, black onyx and snowflake obsidian, etc.

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