Things You Can Make With Beads Instead of Jewelry

If you have a lot of beads lying around, you're in luck! You can turn your beads into anything that is not necessarily jewelry. And the best part is, the materials are really inexpensive. It's easier than you might think to turn these adorable beads into decor items, play toys, fridge magnet and lots of other things. You can use natural amazonite charms to make them look like hearts, stars, animals and so on. You can even do magnets with them and you don't need much of anything else but your imagination.

Make New Things With Beads

If you are all about beads but are looking for creative ways to use them, these ideas will help you a lot.

Bead Toys

You can also turn your beads into fun toys for your children or pets. You can make a bead toy with the help of rubber bands. You simply put some round wooden beads or balls in a loop, put the rubber band around them and tie a knot. This way you will have a nice bead ball or toy. You can also make snow-flake beads out of natural amazonite charms. It is quite easy. First, you take a tiny ball of yarn or string and put it into the center of a bead. Then you roll it with your fingers to secure the yarn in place. You then hang your beads on a loop of string. The newborns who enjoy being entertained by snow-flakes will love these snow-flake beads.

Bead Word Art

You can also create interesting art from your beads using word stamps. You simply etch your word in the center of your bead. Or if you're feeling particularly creative, you can engrave some pretty patterns onto your beads and create enchanting jewelry or decor art. It can be made with residual beads that you're left off after making your jewelry projects or can also be used as a token with orders for your handmade jewelry.

Napkin Bead Rings

Another simple idea is to turn your beads into napkin rings. There's nothing more useful than a napkin ring. They're perfect for holding napkins in place and make the dining table look absolutely beautiful, presentable and organized. You don't even have to sew them; you just put a bunch of natural amazonite charms around the strand of cloth or wire and wrap it around the napkins. You can put individual napkins separately or you can bind them all together in one ring.

Wind Chimes And Bells

If you need some wind chimes or bells to add a special touch to your porch, then all you have to do is take some of your leftover beads and create them. You can also use the leftover beads as ephemera. You can add your leftover beads onto any project that has a wistful look and you can turn it into something lovely. These chimes look adorable on your doors and along with the curtains of your room. Don't forget to include these in your next room re-organization session.

Phone Charms

If you have to give your phone a new look or if you simply want to add something new to it, then take your leftover beads and create a simple phone charm. You'll need some acrylic beads, a hole punch, eyelets and some string. Just punch holes into the middle of the round amazonite or bronze arrow charms and then attach them on your phone with fiber optic thread. Phone charms are trending these days and instead of paying tens of dollars to have, you can make them yourself.

Bead Bookmarks

Bead bookmarks are getting more and more popular nowadays, especially since it is a common thing to read books. If you like reading, then you should really try making these charming bookmarks with your leftover beads. All you need is some colorful beads or glass beads and some ribbons. You can make them out of any material that has a little weight to it. These are easy to make and make great gifts too. Bookmarks encourage you to read more and lift up your mood when you go back to a book. Everyone that is fond of reading has a thing for bookmarks and beaded bookmarks are the perfect satient.

Dream Of Stones

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