Things To Know Before Buying Colored Gemstones

Do you find yourself drawn to the vibrant color of gemstones, but don't know where to start? With so many different colors and types of gemstones available, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. There are a lot of precious and natural gemstones that come in a variety of colors, maybe all colors possible in the world and each one has their own unique properties and uses. There are certain things that you should know before you buy a colored gemstone for yourself or for any of your close ones. The following factors relate to hued gemstones:

Size -

The colored gemstones are found in various sizes. These can be made into beads of sizes like 4mm, 6mm, etc or can be found in raw form in different sizes. It's always best to choose something that will be easily worn or used without any problem. The size also determines the amount you will have to spend for that item.

Treatments -

Gemstones can be treated with heat, irradiation, oil, wax and other techniques to enhance their appearance. Just as it is important for a buyer to know whether a gemstone is "cultured" or not, a buyer of gemstones should know the treatments used on the gemstones before he buys one. A treated gemstone doesn’t lose its value if the treatment is crucial for its being put to use.

Hardness -

Gemstones are made of minerals. Each mineral is made up of substances that are harder or softer than other minerals. One way to determine the hardness of a gemstone is to use the Mohs Scale, which ranks gemstones based on their hardness.

Lustre -

Gems can have different degrees of luster or shine. Some gemstones have a vitreous luster while others may have waxy or greasy. The luster affects the appearance of any stone by great degrees and so, before buying, the luster has to be well chosen.

Color -

You should choose gemstones that are in colors that you like - whether it is pink, yellow, green or blue. The colors are endless but these colors signify different things and are crucial to the properties of the gemstones. Some can be dyed but not others. For example, amethyst, rubies and blue sapphires are most commonly found in only one color but jasper and agate are found in a lot many colors.

Cut -

Gemstones that are cut properly, will reflect light better. In general, a gemstone that has been cut to be round will have a higher price than one that is irregularly shaped. The cut also affects the color of the stone, making it stronger or weaker. While most gemstones are preferred in refined cuts, some are more valuable in their raw form.


The purity of gemstone basically refers to the amount of color it has. For example, a tiger's eye stone has a very high proportion of yellow or brown color, which makes it look like a brown gemstone. In contrast, blue topaz has a high amount of colorless crystals in comparison to the yellowish crystal. Pure gemstones are found in nature with very few impurities but sometimes these impurities are in the form of inclusions. Like one mineral may be strapped inside or has formed inside another mineral, making it even more unique and rare and so, upping its value.


Some Of The Most Popular Colored Gemstones


This colored gemstone is believed to promote courage and perseverance. It is generally found in the color blue and has a vitreous luster. Aquamarine is also one of the best stones for beginners to use and is liked by enthusiasts and jewelry makers around the world.


Amethyst is the stone of hope and positivity. It nurtures the soul of the wearer and has many prominent healing and metaphysical properties. It is generally found in the color purple and is one of the best stones for beginners to use.


This brilliant red precious stone is known for its multipurpose use and vitreous luster. The color of the stone may vary with the place of origin but the most commonly found is the color red. It is most commonly used in engagement rings and is a stone that encourages integrity, devotion, happiness and prosperity.


Peridot is the green stone with vitreous luster which is one of the most popular hued gemstones. Being the birthstone of August, this stone is known to eliminate conflicts and promote harmony in relations. Also, it is associated with strength, peace and harmony of body and mind. This natural gemstone is great for spiritual practices.


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