Things to Consider Before Buying Gemstones Online and Offline

Buying beads online as well as offline isn't as easy as it sounds. Gemstones are a significant investment, so it is important that you do your due diligence before committing to anything. Buying precious and semi-precious stones is a daunting task as there are several limitations of natural beads available.


As a beginner, it is important to do your research and there is no better way to do this than by reading about the various gemstones available. You should know what red crystal quartz beads, raw amethyst beads, and more. When buying beads it is important that you ensure you’re getting what you think you are buying. This can be achieved by knowing what the different types of gems are. Other ways of doing this is by using a magnifying glass or even holding them in your hand and comparing them with the ones in the photo.

Also, scammers sell fake gems to make money, thus you need to be aware of them. Usually fake stones are made of plastics, ceramic, and glass and these are made finely which makes it more difficult to find the real gems. You can save yourself from such fake acts by understanding and considering the following things.

6 Things To Think About While Buying Gemstones

  1. Be familiar with different gemstones’ names

Knowing the name of various gemstones is a good way to avoid confusion. In the industry, most people know the names of different gemstones, so there is no need for you to learn them, but you should be familiar with them nonetheless. It is possible that one gemstone may have two or more names. Scammers can try to fool you if you’re not aware of names but if you know about them, you’ll be sure that no one can scam you.

  1. Identify gemstones

You can buy different types of gemstones such as natural, synthetic, and imitations. A natural gemstone is a stone that has been formed naturally, which means that it has grown on the earth's surface over thousands of years. A synthetic gemstone was created by scientists in laboratories and it is artificial. An imitation gemstone is made up of plastic or ceramic, etc. but its color or composition will be different from the original.

  1. Quality of the cut

Cut counts - always keep this in mind. It is the shape of the gemstone. The quality of the cut of a gemstone may affect its durability and value. The diamond is a good example; it has many different types such as Princess, Pear, Heart, etc. Know which type to buy – Heart-cut = Round brilliant= Prong-set= Forever-cut. Remember that the light is passed straight through a poorly cut or proportioned stone which reduces the brightness and brilliance of the stone.

  1. Know if the gemstone is enhanced

Natural gemstones are normally pure and clear. If you see a natural stone which you think is enhanced, don't buy it before consulting with the seller. The only way to test if a stone is enhanced is to use a small magnifying glass or hold it up to bright light and see the colors and surface of the stone. You should know that enhanced gems should be kept with special care and cleaning treatments. You should ask the jewelers various questions related to the gemstones being enhanced.

  1. Confirm the gemstone color

The color of the gemstone is what really matters. It should be as brilliant (as is possible for the stone) and rich in color. Know how to tell if a gemstone is green, blue, yellow or orange. Know which gems are more desirable in this regard – black, white, red and brown. Know that some gemstones have colors that are difficult to see even under a magnifying glass, which may not be genuine – this applies to all precious stones.

  1. Shop around and compare

Know where to buy gemstones – online or offline. You can get good prices on auction sites, but be sure that you are only getting natural stones, and confirm the same by searching for them online and comparing their photos. You should get quotes from different vendors and only then choose one that is reliable and affordable.

  1. Protect your stones

If you care about your gemstones, know what should be done to keep them safe. There are various types of settings that can be used for gems and watch out for loose stones. Ensure that they are securely fastened.

  1. Check reviews and feedback

If you are buying gemstones online, make sure that it has good reviews and feedback to ensure that it is a reliable one. But if you’re buying these stones offline from a brick-and-mortar jewelry store, you need to find and have a word with their old customers. Know how they have had a great experience with the vendor or not.


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