The Expressive Characteristics Of Different Blue Stones

Blue gemstones are rare and all of them have different and unique characteristics and properties. Some people like blue gemstones for their beauty and some people like the healing qualities they bring to the wearer. The blue color is associated with good fortune, love, hope, and peace. Blue stones are also thought to be helpful in astral projection. These stones are sometimes given as gifts for a change, a new beginning, or an awakening. Blue goldstone gemstones also represent the spirits of the sky and the sea.

Meaning Of Different Blue Gemstones

Every gemstone has a story, and each one is connected to a certain element. Knowing the true meaning of blue gemstones will help you understand their emotional connection to your life. Each of these stones has a special meaning and they also have different attributes and qualities.

Sapphire Meaning

Blue sapphire is the most popular type of gemstone that is known as king or queen of all colors. Its name means “blue ocean” and it represents the ocean and the sky at once. Its meaning connects with creativity, good health, rejuvenation, wisdom, longevity, and virtue. It is known as a stone of courage and protection. Blue sapphire also brings harmony and balance to the owner’s life.

Blue Sapphire Properties And Healing

These blue stones are considered to be very soothing stones due to their cool blue color. Their healing abilities are related to the heart chakra which helps to clear emotional toxicity from the wearer’s aura. Blue sapphire is also known for its healing properties for people who are suffering from mental illness. It can help to reduce depression and restore the wearer’s happiness.

Turquoise Meaning

Turquoise not only refers to the color of turquoise but also refers to the meaning of this gemstone. Turquoise was first discovered by the Egyptians and it’s believed that some Egyptian tomb paintings were created using turquoise pigments. Turquoise is also known as the stone of the Sun which helps to protect its owner against all sorts of bad things. It is also associated with strength, friendship, prosperity, happiness, and money.

Turquoise Properties And Healing

Turquoise helps to improve mood swings or bipolar disorder due to its blue color. The color blue stones bring feelings of calmness, happiness, and euphoria to the wearer. It also brings relief from confusion and anger.

Blue Topaz Meaning

Blue topaz is the stone of the heart chakra or the soul. Its name means “blue soul” and it represents the heart chakra. It is known as a stone of courage, wisdom, patience, determination, and empathy. It also brings happiness to its owner which helps to heal all sorts of emotions. Blue topaz can help to encourage generosity which will promote inner harmony and balance in life.

Blue Topaz Properties And Healing

Blue topaz is known to be stimulating so it is not recommended for people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Blue topaz also helps to avoid depression when worn by someone who is experiencing low moods, or when the wearer has lost a loved one. This blue gemstone also helps to bring calmness and peace into situations where there’s too much tension. It can help to relieve stress and pain, as well as heal emotional wounds and depression.

Aquamarine Meaning

Aquamarine is a blue-greenish transparent crystal that was discovered by the Romans as a gemstone. It is said that aquamarine was used as a talisman to fight off evil spirits and bad luck. Aquamarine has been used to protect its owner from danger and bad things since ancient times. It also brings good luck, friendship, money, prosperity, and happiness to the wearer.

Aquamarine Properties And Healing

This stone helps to improve mood swings or bipolar disorder due to its blue color. The color blue brings feelings of calmness, happiness, and euphoria to the wearer. It also brings relief from confusion and anger.

Labradorite Meaning

Labradorite is a form of feldspar. It is known as “the stone of magic” because it was first discovered by the Vikings in Labrador, Canada. This blue gemstone has an overall blue color, but it also has different shades of green due to its refractive index. Labradorite helps to eliminate negative thoughts which will help to make someone feel more open-minded. It also brings wholeness into one’s life which ultimately helps to bring success into one’s life.

Labradorite Properties And Healing

Labradorite helps to heal both mental and physical problems because it is believed to help balance the body and mind. It has been used in various forms of magic for millennia so this gemstone encourages the wearer’s creativity and intuition. It also helps to promote confidence and inner strength which will ultimately bring abundance into one’s life.

Choose any blue goldstone gemstone wisely because each stone has a certain meaning and each stone can help to promote balance and harmony within yourself and within your relationships. It is recommended that you do further research into the properties and healing qualities of each of these gemstones so that you can better understand their true meanings. Also, you should buy gemstones from a reliable seller like Dream Of Stones. You can also send us a message at

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