Semi-precious Gemstones For Jewelry Making

Semi-precious gemstones are a type of gemstone that are technically not as valuable as precious stones. This classification in between the two categories of stones is due to its lack in rarity, which is less than rare and can be found naturally or cultivated. Semi-precious gemstones for jewelry making are used all around the world. You must be wondering how these gemstones are used for the purpose of jewelry making. Let us have a look at the same.


How are semi-precious gemstones used for jewelry?


Semi-precious gemstones for jewelry making have a range of purposes. It all depends on the type you need to use whether they will be placed into settings (such as rings), or cut into shapes (such as beads). It's worth noting that many people prefer semi precious stones due to their diverse coloration and traditionally lower cost. These characteristics allow these stones to be used as jewelry accessories that are easy to acquire and look good in any setting. Many of these can even have natural beauty traits that can further enhance their unique appearance.


It is important for people who want to produce beautiful jewelry with semiprecious stones, to consider the different types of semi-precious stones available and their use in jewelry making. Semi Precious stone jewelry can be made in a variety of ways depending on the type you choose – whether it's cut into shapes, set into settings or shaped using other techniques. Semi-precious gemstones can also be added to metal rings and clips for aesthetic value instead of having them as actual ring components. There are several advantages to using these gemstones. Let us have a look at the advantages of using these gemstones.


Advantages of using these semi-precious gemstones


  1. They are easier to purchase online

Semi Precious stones have always been relatively less expensive compared with precious stones. This means they are also generally cheaper to purchase. You can choose semi-precious gems that fit your budget and still find some stunning pieces. Most online stores offer cheap prices for semi-precious stones, which is not the case for diamonds and other rare gemstones.


  1. They're easy to handle

Semi-precious stone jewelry has more uses than just plain carving, so you can cut them into shapes, set them into settings, or even wash them with soap or a mild solution of bleach to remove dirt. They are also more durable than precious stones, so you can use and reuse them for different purposes.


  1. They are widely available online

You can find semi-precious stones that suit your taste if you search online. Think of the right color, shape, pattern, or texture that you want to match with your outfit or accessories. You will find a wide selection of your favorite semi-precious stones and then make an informed choice to purchase the right ones for your jewelry making needs.


  1. They have unique colors and patterns

Because of their natural deposits in geological areas, semi precious gemstones have variations in color and texture that make them even more appealing. They can have unique patterns and striking colors that are not eye catching at first but more fascinating when set into a piece of jewelry.


  1. They are easy to work with and durable

Semi Precious stones have been used for making jewelry for centuries, so you can work with them easily and be assured that they do not break easily. You can use them in different types of jewelry designs, like necklaces, bracelets, or rings. These gems will continue to look good for years as long as you take care of them properly.


These are the benefits of having semi-precious gemstones. Due to its popularity using semi-precious gemstones in jewelry, there is much variety. There are so many to choose from that you can start a collection for yourself, or maybe just add one or two to your existing collection. If you want to get them in bulk, you can shop online from Dream Of Stones and buy them in large quantities so that they can be affordable and still look great. Now, you must be wondering how much these gemstones cost you. Let us have a look at the same.


How much can semi-precious gemstones cost you?

Many of the semi-precious stones are quite inexpensive, but depending on the carat weight and quality, they can often be priced in the hundreds or thousands. As for lapidary gems, these clays are not as expensive, but they usually require you to know how to create jewelry before using them. The prices vary widely depending on what type of stone you're looking for and what service you intend to use once it's finished. You may also have to factor in the shipping costs if you're purchasing from stores online.


Well, you must have heard that semi-precious gemstones are considered better than gemstones in general. Why is that so? Let us have a look at it.


Why are semi-precious gemstones considered better than gemstones?

You may have heard that semi precious gemstones are better than gemstones. This is a common misconception. Semi precious gemstones are actually the same thing as gemstones, with one major difference: they have no commercial value. Semi-precious stones come from the earth, and in most cases they just aren't as rare or important enough to be considered a real stone. The term "semi-precious" is actually derived from the word "gemstone," and it's used to distinguish between gems that are too small and insignificant for jewelry making and those of importance enough to be used in this way. In other words, they're not less than a genuine gemstone; they are simply smaller and of lesser value.


Now, let us have a look at the primary types of semi-precious gemstones


The most common types of semi-precious gemstones that you will find in jewelry stores are onyx, turquoise, amber, aquamarine, moonstone, peridot, red coral and garnet. Onyx is created from a variety of different materials. It can be black or white with brown or red veins running throughout it. Turquoise is a type of stone that is often dyed to achieve its distinctive blue color. Amber is often yellow or orange colored and bears a translucent quality. A gemstone like aquamarine is created by combining different minerals together. Moonstone is white with a rainbow quality, and red coral is a porous stone that ranges from pink to purple. Red garnet is the primary red semi precious gemstone mentioned in the Bible.


Let us see how people make use of Semi-precious gemstones for jewelry making.


You can incorporate semi-precious gemstones into your jewelry making by using them as accents or highlights on necklaces or bracelets, for example, you can also use the stones as components of focal points on a pendant or pair of earrings. The most common techniques for incorporating these stones into your pieces are wire wrapping and soldering. Though if you are looking for jewelry made out of semi-precious gemstones, then you can consider getting the same from Dream Of Stones. For more information, you can visit our website at and shop for the jewelry online.











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