Re-Ignite Happiness In Beading During Challenging Times
Beading and jewelry making are extremely creative and refreshing tasks. Many jewelry makers, if not for selling their pieces, make jewelry for themselves and their loved ones as a practice to reignite their creativity and freshen up their mind. While performing any creative activity, your mind should be in a state that it can accept and generate new ideas. It is important to be stress free and have a drive to work towards something that you love. But if you are upset because of a challenging situation, a simple task like bending a beading wire will be really hard to do. During such a time, you can’t carry on until you have the right motivation and drive to work.

How To Reignite Creativity And Happiness In Beading?

Take A Break

It can be hard to carry on at times when you are upset and are facing challenges in your jewelry making business or personal life. You or your family member may be suffering from an illness or any other reason why your creative intent feels to have taken aback. At such a time, it can be exhausting to keep making new jewelry. So, it is better to sometimes take a break and not force yourself to create something everyday. Rather, take the time to restart your mind and react to the situation at hand.

Try New Things

You may have lost your interest in beading because of repetitive and lethargic work. Doing one design again and again hinders new ideas and creativity. The best way to tackle this is by trying new things and designing something new. You can stop the creation of old designs or make them unavailable for buying and work on newer and more innovative designs that portray your ideas and inspiration. You can also take a break to find inspiration online and try to brainstorm new concepts.

Reconnect With Your Crystals

You may feel disconnected with your healing crystals or silver beading wires that you seemed to like a lot in the happier times. If you feel that connection again, you may feel better and find the drive to keep creating. So, meditation, cleansing and grounding practices should be performed. Charging the crystals can help both, the crystals to regain their power and you to regain your connection with them. This can take you a long way and help you reignite happiness in beading.

Be Easy On Yourself

If you don’t feel the drive to create something for a day, don’t excessively push yourself to make jewelry. An effect on the physical health and surrounding environment also directly affects the mental health of a person, which is why you might not feel like working every single day. Be kind with yourself during these times. If you still work with dented intent, you will not be able to create the best pieces, which will frustrate you even more. So,give yourself some time to reignite your will and happiness in beading.

Talk With Your Close Ones

Whether it is working with a beading wire or mending the old imperfect pieces, it can not be done perfectly without the right mindset and happiness. If you feel like you can’t handle things on your own, talking with your loved ones and sharing your dilemmas and challenges. There may be some things that are not right and talking to a trusted person can help you greatly to figure such things out. You can also attempt to brainstorm with them about new ideas and designs and approaches to work.

Perform Activities For Creative Feeding

If there’s anything other than beading that inspires you and lights up the creative flames in you, you should take out time to do such an activity. It may be dancing, singing, reading or instrument playing or any other activity you prefer. Beading can be a cumbersome task and may get lethargic and stressful sometimes. So, it is better to find inspiration from somewhere else and channel this energy into beading.

What More Can You Do?

There are many instances in the beading process that the best of makers feel stressed and uninspired. But the fact that it is completely normal and can happen to anyone can soothe you a bit. Try to recall the reasons why you wanted to start beading in the first place, that are its aspects that inspire you the most and make you happy and willing to carry on. Focus on these aspects and find new reasons to continue beading.

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