Free Printable Bead Size Chart

So you are looking for a bead size chart? Don’t worry we have the perfect printable bead size chart that is so simple to use and easy to follow.

Our bead size chart makes it easy to compare bead sizes. Whether you are looking for a specific bead size, or want to see how your beads stack up against the common sizes, this chart is a must-have resource. This printable chart is free, and available in your choice of large print or easy to read text.

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If you find yourself lost in the wide and wonderful sea of beads, this printable bead size chart is here to rescue you! It's easy to use too! To find a measurement for your seed beads, simply slide a strand of beads over the dots, then read off the size. You can also use the ruler on each side for consistency with different types of gemstone, wood, or other beads. This printable bead size chart is great for all levels of beaders.

So many choices, so many sizes. Use this printable bead size chart to compare the size of your beads to the most common sizes available.

Our free printable bead size chart shows the typical bead sizes in millimeters, and their corresponding US sizes. Use this chart to find the right bead for your jewelry making needs.


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