Other Things to Do with Your Charms

The charms that you connect to your necklace or bracelet can say a lot about you. Whether they're themed after an event, such as a wedding, or represent your pride in your country, they can be more than just jewelry. So, there are a lot many things you can do with those extra grace charms and clasps that might be sitting around in your jewelry box.

Decorate Your Gifts

You can use your charms to decorate gifts for your friends or family members. You can even use them to decorate the wrapping paper. For example, you can use the clasps as hangers to hang paper decorations from. You can also attach the charms to bows, making them look more attractive and unique. You can also attach them to the ends to give them an elegant look and make your gifts more classy. The more effort you put in packing, the more warmly the gift is received because it leaves a positive first impression on the receiver.

Jewelry Making

You can also use your charms as an inspiration for jewelry making. You can create a charm bracelet with 10 charms and be sure that the bracelets will fit everyone's wrist. You can also combine your charm bracelets with other materials such as beads or chains to make something more impressive and unique. These charms represent your feelings, hobbies and beliefs or may be just to uplift your outfit. A charmed necklace is what actually completes your look. Also, working with rectangle charms is extremely easy and drives your creative desires a lot. You can find charms for your unique jewelry designs with us at Dream of Stones.

Decorate Your Bags

If you're a frequent traveler, you might want to consider adding some of your charms and clasps to the outside of your traveling bag or handbag. You can do this by wrapping them around a section of tape or on the shoulder straps of the bag. Alternatively, you can insert them into the pocket of the bag or the fastener.

Phone Charms

You can use your charms to decorate your phone or tablet. Phone charms are very in at this time and these help you to have a hold on your phone and prevent it from falling or losing. You can style it up with beads and charms of your choice. You can add the beads of your favorite colors and add a dolphin charm from our store to add a twist to the piece.

Coffee and Tea Charms

If you're a coffee or tea lover, you can also use silver charms to beautify your daily drink. This is especially useful if you love drinking coffee at work. You can wrap the charms around the insides of the lid so it won't spill. You can also use charms to decorate straws so they have a unique look. This is great if you have larger shaped straws that are difficult to fit in your bag. Also, you can use them on napkin holders or on the hold of your favorite coffee mug.

Spiritual Practices

You can also use your charms as an inspiration for spiritual practices such as self-love, meditation, faith, and mindfulness. For example, do the meditation where you focus on your breath and keep it steady when you notice your mind begins to wander. With your charms, you could also use it as a reminder to stay in tune with your body and its needs. As it is a known fact that gemstone beads have a spiritual and physical prominence, they are a great addition to your regular prayer sessions.

Charm Keychains

You could also use your charms as a charm keychain to keep the keys of your home, cupboards and vehicles. You can purchase small rectangular charms with a clasp to open and close it using the ring portion of the charm. These make unique keychains and look great hanging on your hooks and alongside your keys. These can satiate your wish for having a collection of unique and beautiful charms and keychains and there are many other things you can make with them.

Scrapbook And School Project Decoration

You can also use your grace charms to decorate your scrapbook or school project. For example, you can put the charms on the cover of your scrapbook so that it will become an attractive decoration and stand out among the other class projects prepared by your mates. You can also attach pieces of old wallpaper to the charm so that you enjoy creating scrapbook pages even more. In an album or while making a dedicated scrapbook for your friend, partner or for yourself, charms are what graces your scrapbook and makes it warm and inviting.


So, whatever you’re making with the charms, we have you covered. You can check out our unique and durable charms on our online website or get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com.

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