Make A Bold Statement Necklace With Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most fashionable accessories. A statement necklace when worn with your favorite outfit can set your style apart. Wear this necklace with everything from casual wear to formal dresses, and you will surely stand out from the crowd.

A necklace is made with a variety of beads and chains of different sizes and lengths. It can be strung together with different kinds of chains to make a unique look. You can easily make necklaces that are bold and striking and you do not need to be an expert crafts person to create attractive jewels.

It is important that you wear something that is stylish and eye-catching to stand out in a crowd, but it’s difficult to find pieces in your wardrobe that are bold and unique. However, a jewelry piece can be easy enough to do yourself with some beads and wire. We have put together a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own necklace with only beading supplies and tools needed.

Materials That You Can Use To Make Bold Statement Necklaces

You can use different types of materials and different techniques to make bold and statement necklaces. Some of the materials that you can use to make charming necklaces are mentioned below:


1. Coconut shells: You can use different sizes and types of shells of coconuts to make a statement necklace. Coconut shells will add more beauty and elegance to your creations. Also, if you want to add a rustic and natural look to your day-to-day outfits, you can use rusty shells. They will also give a classic and elegant look to your accessories. You can use a wide range of colors and different types of shells to make necklaces that will add more beauty to your looks.


2. Wood beads and large pendants: You can also make a necklace using large-sized wooden beads or pendants which will add a unique look to your accessories and also complement perfectly with your outfits. Moreover, pendants are unique and beautiful and you can use them as the main feature of your accessories. They also help you to change and enhance your look by giving a new twist to it.


3. Metal brooches: Beautiful necklaces made using metal brooches will make a bold statement when you put them on. Metal brooches will add more beauty and elegance to your accessories as well as give a different look to your jewels. Also, they fit perfectly in every outfit and will complement flawlessly with different outfits for day-to-day wear and parties.


4. Crystals: You can also add more beauty and grace to your necklaces by adding various types of crystals. They will add an impressive look to your outfit and will make you stand out. Also, they will help you to change your style.


5. Horn and bone beads: You can also make good-looking necklaces by using a range of beads made of bone and horn. You can make a variety of necklaces that will add charm to your looks.


6. Seed and nuts beads: You can also use different types of seed and nuts beads to make eye-catching necklaces. Also, they will complement your outfits as they give a new twist to your style.

Different Ways To Make A Bold Statement Necklace

You can make a statement necklace by using different techniques and give the necklace a new meaning. If you feel like your neck could use some more bling, then try these techniques out and see what works for you. Some people say that wearing jewelry makes them feel better about themselves. You can make a lovely and pleasing necklace in the following ways:


1. You can make a multi-stranded necklace and string large wood beads such as rosewood beads, ebony beads, or coco beads.


2. You can make a statement necklace by using a ribbon and multi-colored pendants and using a multi-colored thread.


3. You can make an elegant necklace by using three strands of leather cord and string large wood beads such as rosewood beads, ebony beads, or coco beads.


4. You can make an appealing necklace by using pearlescent white glass beads and a rope made of metal chain and mesh.


5. To make a shiny and sparkling necklace, you can pair different single-stranded necklaces. Remember to use beaded necklaces that are made with silver metallic cords.


6. You can make a shiny and shimmery necklace by using a silk cord and single-stranded beaded necklaces with different types of beads. You can also incorporate some gold beads or bronze as well to add more shine.


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