Make 3 Stunning Stacking Bracelets With Wood Beads

Whenever we think of handmade jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is wood beads. These wooden beads have a unique texture that allows them to stack beautifully on top of one another. Aside from the beautiful look, rosewood and graywood beads are also strong yet can be easily cut and shaped into numerous different patterns. And because they are made from natural materials, their material cost is drastically cheaper than other methods of jewelry making.

It is a very easy and simple process of making stacking bracelets, it's also easier to wear, and they are affordable too. One can wear a couple at a time or can also layer dozens up as per your preferences. The best thing about stacking beaded bracelets is that they never go out of trend.

In this guide, you will learn how to create stunning stacking bracelets using wood beads. However, by following the step-by-step instructions, you can make as many bracelets as you want without having to worry about whether or not you'll be able to stack them correctly. In addition, this craft project is suitable for both beginners and professionals alike.

Easy designs for you that you can make at home

1. Embrace multi colors

The world is colorful and it is full of multi colors. Beads are available in multi colors and they come in a variety of sizes. By combining all the colors, you can produce numerous patterns that look gorgeous for stacking bracelets. This is a basic stacking bracelet with multicolor beads. You start off by stringing together three types of multi-colored beads on each side, followed by mounting them onto the bracelet links.

You can move ahead and make creative bracelets. You can wear a complete stack of favorite colored beads or just pair up graywood beads and rosewood beads. These beads will make your bracelet an instant eye-popping focal point. Well, if it's not easy for you to choose a specific color or color combination, you can make dozens of bracelets. You can give them as gifts to your friends and family members. You can also choose a contrast of light and dark colors. You can make different colored bracelets that will perfectly match your outfit and looks.


Decide whether you want to make a wrap or single-layer bracelets. Now you can cut the cord and slide your favorite beads onto it. You are all set to tie the knot, tuck the ends and you're all set to move ahead.

2. If in doubt, add charms to bracelets

You can also make a decorative single-string bracelet by dividing the cord into different strings and subsequently linking them in a row. This step is all about trial and error. You can start off with only one string, but depending on your liking, you can include more strings in it. While sliding the bead onto the cord, slip it through the loop of another bead and pull through gently with pliers from underneath. Make sure you cut off any extra string that comes above the knot otherwise it will spoil the whole look of your bracelet links.

You can also add one or more charms for adding extra special touch to your bracelet. Choose light-weight charms that will not weigh down the beads. The best charms to choose include gemstones or engraved pieces.

You can choose one that matches your outfit and even the one that has a personal meaning for you. A good luck bracelet can give you hope and inspiration to go everywhere. Or a beautiful locket with a pearl bead or simple bead as a pendant.

3. Bead texture matters

The texture of beads is important to consider. You can choose from smooth beads, plated beads, glass beads, and natural wood beads. There are numerous types of wood available that you can choose from. Some of them include mahogany beads, rosewood beads, bamboo beads, graywood beads and ebony to mention a few. Pinecone and flowers made from wood can also be used to make elaborate-looking bracelets. Also, a bracelet made up of thin wire wrapped in a metallic material can also draw attention to the wrist area.

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