Know Different Types of Handmade Jewelry

The beauty and appeal of handmade jewelry cannot be denied. They are exceptionally magnificent and display so many emotions. Handmade jewelry is made with special care and efforts and is easily customizable. And all it needs to make your own handmade jewelry is a little creativity and hard work. These make the perfect gift to show your love and admiration to your close ones, or can also be given away on special occasions, as a Christmas gift or simply as an heirloom. The best part is, they are very easy to make and go well with almost every outfit. You can personalize it as you like, use any beads, stones or gems you like without having to worry about getting a premade piece that has it all.

Types Of Handmade Jewelry

Wire Wrapped

Wire wrapped jewelry is very much in trend these days but it was not designed just yesterday but has been around for a long time. The designs for this type of handmade jewelry depend greatly on the creativity and imagination of the one who makes it. Generally, a thin wire is wrapped around a gemstone, wooden bead or any charm to uplift its look. The main creativity lies in how you use the wire to wrap. You can spiral it around your main piece, make a shape or simply enhance the chain by rounding it around.

Enameled Jewelry

When glass powder is topped on the metal jewelry to add a color pop and make a permanent bond of it, enameled jewelry is made. This powder is topped through a torch-fire, which is also one of the most affordable and easy techniques. The powder is heated into the metal to make a brand new piece. Though this handmade jewelry is not very commonly seen, it is nonetheless very pretty and attractive. The quality of the metal will determine how long the jewelry will stand. You are recommended to be safe and enamel with caution while making this jewelry.

Beaded Jewelry

The best type of handmade jewelry is beaded jewelry. You can use gemstone, semi-precious stone or wooden beads to make your own masterpiece. The reason why beaded jewelry is so much liked is because it is very easy to make, very versatile as it can be worn with any and every outfit and is very convenient to wear everyday. There are many designs that are made with the quality beads from Dream of Stones but like any other handmade jewelry, the designs depend on the maker’s creativity and hard work. Some like to add only a few of these but others may like to fill them in a chain and top it with a charm.

Stamped And Fabricated Jewelry

The best way to give shape to your personalised design is through stamped and fabricated jewelry. Stamping is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Whatever you want engraved on your bracelet, charm or pendant, you can get it stamped with a hammer and stencil. Fabrication, on the other hand, gives far more liberty to the designer but is a little lengthy task. It is done through metal smithing and jewelry benching to form the design and shape you like your jewelry to have. Further detailing on the metal can also be done by you. But if you are not comfortable or knowledgeable about the smithing and benching process, it is better to get it done from somewhere else.

Assembled Jewelry

Assembled jewelry generally involves assembling the chain, beads and charms as you picture a design. It is easy to customize and can also be changed even after it is made. You can mingle the assembled jewelry with almost any other type of handmade jewelry because you can add your uniquely wire wrapped or stamped charms and beads to the chains and bracelets of your choice. In most of the cases, the chain, hooks and charms are gotten from different places and brought together in one piece.

Tips For Making Handmade Jewelry

  • Constant practice and hard work are required when you set out to snake handmade jewelry. If you're not willing to put in your best, you will never be able to make the best and the most unique pieces.

  • The best way to get started making handmade jewelry is to have some creative ideas. If you do not have any spoiled ideas or have already executed what was in your mind, get inspiration from other forms of art and designs online.

  • Your focus should be to create the best quality pieces that are also unique. Focus on authenticity and not money.

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