Jewelry Trends To Invest In, From Pendants To Pearls

Charm necklaces is one trend that one should definitely invest in 2021-22. But it is not the only jewelry that’s trending. From pendants to pearls, whatever your heart may desire, this is the year that you can go all out on. Over accessorizing is in, and so is “Bling”. If you are a fan of shimmer and glamour, this is the time for you to shine. Are you a fan of going to jewelry shops or someone who would rather buy gems online? Do you want to be someone who people look up to for fashion advice? It is simpler when you are yourself aligned with the market and ongoing trends. It is not unnatural for people to gravitate towards accessories that they feel attached to. Whether it is something you are buying for yourself or gifting a piece of jewelry to that special someone. It will be more heartwarming if the personal touch is added.

Jewelry Trends That Are Here To Stay!

So far, 2021 has been a year of ups and downs. With these changes we came across some of the most exquisite jewelry trends. The trends that not only give you an elegant look when paired with the right outfit but also are flexible enough to be worn with your summer dresses or casual jumpers and t-shirts. Layering, geometric shaped pendants, enamel, bulky jewelry, vibrant colors, diamond or crystal studded pendants and earrings, pearls that dazzle your soul and look at the same time are in fashion. This is the year when anything and everything has been in trend and is absolutely loved by people. Are you someone who absolutely loves to wear mismatched jewelry? Lucky for you, that is in trend as well. One of the most unexpected jewelry trends this year are the beaded necklaces and earrings. Ranging from simple solid colors to elegant pastels, the beaded jewelry can be mixed and matched with the various sizes, colors and shapes. Even gems for that matter can be added to your jewelry to enhance it. The best way to keep up with these trends is to buy your beads and material online and make them at home.


Even though layering jewelry goes back to ages, now this way of styling jewelry has spread worldwide again recently and we have no complaints. It is the best way you can get your hands on more beautiful and elegant jewelry. These can be worn with everything. Whether you want to get pendants online and pair them up with cute chokers, layering is all about how you pull it off. Now, one can even buy gems online and add them to make their layered pendants look more exquisite and unique than ever.

Geometric Shapes

Whether you want hoops that you can never go wrong with or star shaped earrings, geometric shapes in jewelry have seen a surge. It is an investment that you should make at least once. Not only are the solid lined geometric shapes in trend but the fluid-like uneven metal textures happen to be worn by numerous fashion icons. You can pair them up with a nice gown for a date. We would suggest you get a pair and experiment with various outfits to find your right fit.

Bulky Jewelry

If you are in awe of the cuffed bulky chains, then you would love this trend. Bulky jewelry is absolutely iconic and has the power to drag the focus to your neckline. Do you want to emphasis on your features? Then, this is the way to go for you. So, get your wires and charms online with us, Dream Of Stones, and make some bulky jewelry at home.


In the beginning of the year, We saw how colorful enamel took over the fashion accessories. Designers experimented with it along with gemstones and gold. Furthermore, if you want something that makes a statement and is elegant at the same time then it would be beneficial if you make an enamel ring or a bracelet. It will not only drag the focus to your wrist and hands but also makes a statement.

Pearls, Diamonds And Pendants.

Lastly, pearls, diamonds, and pendants are something that you can never go wrong with. Whether you would like to pair these up with gold or silver jewelry. A classic pearl necklace is an evergreen fashion statement, but pearls allow you to try something new with them every time you're working on them.


Trends change overtime but these are some of the changes that will be hard to let go. Whether you want to have hoops to yourself that go with every outfit or want to style your look with chunky chains, we have you covered. We here at Dream Of Stone have an elaborate jewelry collection that you can make trendy pieces with.

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