Jewelry Care: How to Keep Your Jewelry Shining New

If you are fond of jewelry and love wearing them every day, this must be more than a fashion statement for you. For a person, a piece of jewelry can be important and it is possible that he/she is emotionally attached to it. For example a piece of jewelry, an heirloom necklace, a sentimental gift, a symbol of love and commitment, and even 6mm gems can be highly precious and valuable.


Many people try to protect them from being lost and stolen and for this they put jewels in a box and keep them in lockers for years. No doubt this could be the best thing to safeguard them but you must not want to compromise with their original looks and luster. Protecting jewelry is important but at the same time, you should also take care of them. Even the most shiny jewels, bright or orange gemstone beads fade if kept at one place for a long time or not cleaned at regular intervals.

How To Prevent Jewelry From Any Damage?

To maintain the luster of jewelry it is important to prevent them from any damage. Inaccurate conditions such as low or excessive temperature, heat, and light can fade and damage shiny orange gemstone beads. Thus it is necessary to store jewels in a proper place.


Make it a habit to keep gemstones in a soft and dry place i.e. the designated jewelry box. Do not keep all the jewels or ornaments in a single box and store them separately. If you have silver jewels, you must know that they can easily tarnish and jumbled jewels can easily tangle. It is suggested that silver jewelry should be kept in anti-tarnish strips or air-tight plastic bags.


Avoid using or spraying chemicals on jewelry that you wear on a daily basis. We are not talking about chemicals that are used in laboratories. Well, things that we use every day such as perfume, lotion, cosmetics, hairsprays, etc. can also damage them. Try to remove rings when using hand cleaners, sanitizers, etc.

Is It Important To Get A Professional Inspection Or Cleaning?

Jewelry experts say that once a year your jewelry should be checked and cleaned by a professional. This is important for two reasons: to keep jewels shining and attractive forever, to find and repair any damage to protect them.

If you clean your jewelry at home after regular intervals, even then it is important to get it checked by a professional annually. You must be thinking that you can clean your jewelry yourself by using an ultrasonic cleaner or any other method. But remember not to use these methods frequently as excessive use of cleaners can also destroy them. It is important to know how to clean jewelry and orange gemstone beads at home.

Ways To Care and Clean Gemstones & Jewelry

As you have to get your jewelry cleaned by professionals once in a year, it is also important to clean them on your own after regular intervals. Here are some tips to take care of different types of gemstones and jewels:

  1. Precious stones like diamonds

When these gemstones fade and dull, you can easily notice the change. If you wear diamond or precious stones jewelry only on a few special occasions in a year, getting them cleaned by a professional in a year is enough. But if you wear them on a regular basis, you can use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner to maintain their original looks. If you want to clean them at home, you should dip diamonds in a bowl of warm water and mild ammonia solution. Then use a soft-bristled brush and clean them gently.

  1. Pearls

Pearl gemstones are sensitive and soft, thus it is important to keep them in soft bags. Do not keep them with hard gemstones as they can rub against each other and scratches can occur on the surface of pearls. You need to protect them even from perspiration because they are highly sensitive in nature. To clean 6mm gems, you can simply use a clean, damp cloth to gently wipe them.

  1. Gold

One can wear jewelry made of gold on a daily basis because pure gold is resilient and won’t oxidize or fade on its own. To keep the shine of gold pieces as it is, you should get them polished once a year. To clean them at home, you should dip it in warm water and then gently clean it with a jewelry cloth.

  1. Shining silver

Silver is highly vulnerable to tarnish and thus it requires regular cleaning. You can use a silver jewelry cleaner to clean silver jewels. Do not keep silver jewelry near rubber, paper, and cardboard so that they do not tarnish. Using a soft cloth, you can clean them and this way you can keep their shine for a long time and use them without any worry.

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