How To Take Care of Your Gemstones

Gemstones always fascinate people with their alluring and exquisite properties. These cherished adornments are eye-catching and they attract people due to their luster, color, shape, and brightness. Gemstones are distinctive and are available in a wide variety. They have the ability to lift your outfit and add beauty to your looks. Well, one should not take gemstones for granted, if you do not take proper care of them, they will eventually depreciate and deter.

Tips To Take Proper Care Of Your Gemstones

Sparkling gems possess high resistance but they are also destructible. To maintain the beauty and shine of these gems, you should maintain and take their proper care. Here are a few tips that you should keep in your mind to keep your gemstones shining forever:

  1. Cleaning gemstones

One should know how to clean different gemstones in different manners. One should clean their precious and semi-precious gemstones regularly. To clean these stones, you do not need specific appliances. All you have to do is rinse these gems in a bowl of warm water with mild detergent. Remember to clean them with a soft cloth or a soft baby brush with soft bristles. Do not scrub them hard because rubbing roughly can end up having scratches. Avoid cleaning jewelry with small sized gemstones in a wash basin or sink because if the stone is loose there are risks of losing them. You can also use a home ultrasonic cleaner but one should use it with extra caution. Use this cleaner only if you know how and with which gemstones you can use it. For instance, you can use it with amethyst, ruby, sapphire, etc., but must not use it with emerald, pearls, turquoise, etc.

  1. Protect gemstones from heat and sunlight

The hot rays of sun are not only harmful for human skin but it can also destroy gems’ beauty. Keep your gemstones away from direct sunlight and heat as they can impact their durability and color. Direct sunlight can fade your gems like citrine, smoky quartz, and amethyst, etc. Opals are highly sensitive to sunlight and if you wear a ring with opal gemstone, avoid putting them on a window sill while washing dishes or hands. Store gems properly as sudden change in temperature and extreme heat can cause fractures in them.

  1. Store jewelry pieces in different boxes

Do not store all jewelry pieces in one box because not all of them have the same degree of hardness. For instance, diamonds lie on the highest number of Moh’s scale which are followed by ruby and sapphires. Peridot gemstones and pearls are comparatively softer than all of them. If you keep all these gemstones in one box, they may rub against each other which can either damage or cause scratches on them. The best thing is to keep these ornaments separately in different jewelry boxes by wrapping them in jewelry tissue.

  1. Keep gemstones away from chemicals

No matter how resistant your jewelry pieces are, chemicals can destroy them over time. With chemicals, we do not mean hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid or any other strong chemical. Things that we use in our daily life such as cosmetics, hairsprays, perfumes, lotins, and many more contain chemicals in various amounts which can harm gems. Thus, it is necessary to protect your gemstone jewelry from various things that contain chemicals.


To safeguard your beautiful gemstones, you should follow these tips. Firstly, you need to make a habit of wearing jewelry pieces such as gem-studded rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces, etc. at last while getting ready. Also, you should remove them first when removing make-up. This way you can make sure that your gems are not getting in touch with any chemicals.

Also, if you love swimming and do it regularly, always keep it in mind that you have to remove jewels before diving into the pool. Water in a swimming pool contains a high amount of chlorine which can damage them. Remember to keep them away from household items that contain chlorine, bleach and other powerful oxidizers. It is also suggested not to use toothpaste to clean specific gems. Toothpaste can destroy the surface of metals and gems.

Things To Avoid While Caring For Gemstones

To maintain the lustre of gemstones, you must avoid certain things which include:

  1. Not to carry ornaments in a single box while traveling. Put them in different pouces and then store them in a box or different boxes. This way you can keep them in an organized manner and keep their shine forever.

  2. Do not wear gems while gardening. Remember to take them off before starting work.

  3. Do not tap your jewels on the top of the table or anywhere because this can get scratches on gems.


If you follow these above-mentioned tips, you can make your jewelry pieces last long. Also, get your jewels polished by a professional jeweler after regular intervals. This way the luster will be maintained and stay forever. If you’re looking to buy different gemstones online, get them from a reliable vendor such as Dream Of Stones. You can visit our website online to see our wide collection and send us your message or queries at


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