How to Start and Finish a Beaded Necklace

Necklaces are great to wear for any occasion. They are elegant and attractive pieces of jewelry because of their shape and the best combination of different colored beads. In addition to this, it is very easy to make beaded necklaces as this requires creativity, a few hand tools, and beads.


You can make beaded necklaces of any shape and style. You can choose different types of beads such as pearl gemstones, wood beads, emeralds, glass beads, metal, and other minerals.


In addition to this, you can make your necklaces using wire, clasps, needles, and beading cord. The styles of beaded necklaces are very different from each other. You can have a long or short length of the necklace. You can have a long powercord stretchy bead cord made out of beads or you can have a choker style necklace that is very close to the collar bone. In addition to this, there are some beaded necklaces that look like tube-shaped wood beads with shorter chains that extend from the bead.


This is a great way to start for DIY lovers or those who want to pursue their career in jewelry making. It is easy to gain knowledge and skills and master the field of jewelry making. Let's have a look at the things that you'll need to start making beaded necklaces.

Tools You'll Need:

Beading necklaces is a simple process that does not demand a huge amount of preparation or elaborate equipment. You will need tools such as a round tube needle with a small eye, gems, jewelry thread cord or chain connector, and clasp. To make wood beads jewelry you also need to have the following:

1. Bead Board: These boards have grooves that are made to hold the beads in rows. In addition to this, the straight board has a couple of channels cut into it. Fancy bead boards have a curved channel that will help you visualize the finished necklace. Some boards come with inch markings and thus the small compartments are used to hold different parts. Some flocked boards are quite useful as they hold beads and they do not roll much.

2. Scissors: You'll need the general scissors and ones with a sharp point. The sharp pointed scissors will be ideal for cutting beading cord.

3. Tweezers: It is essential to use these to handle tiny pearl gemstones and wood beads while you are making the necklace. Right tweezers are very helpful to make the selection of right beads from a collection of small beads that have similar colors and shapes.

4. Pliers: They can be used for opening jump rings or crimping wires.

5. Glue: It will be useful to hold the gems in place.

6. Clasps: These are of two types, one is a lobster claw clasp that has a split ring and the other is a box clasp that has a hinged portion and it's attached to the bracelet with wires or posts. These are available in a variety of shapes such as heart, oval, and round.

7. Wire cutters: They are used to cut powercord stretchy bead cords or wires into required lengths.

8. Jewelry thread cord: This is a thick, strong beading cord that will not break with the tension.

9. Hole punch pliers: They have two parts, one has a flat and the other has a hollow shape. The parts are forced together to make holes in metal or even paper to hold them together. Some jewelry-making kits come with these tools as they will help you start the process quickly.

Process To Start & Finish A Beaded Necklace


To make a bracelet or a necklace after collecting all the materials, you have to decide how you want to make the piece of jewelry. Decide if you want to make a long, multi-strand necklace or a short and single-strand bracelet. In order to make the necklace or the bracelet, you have to determine the length of the bead chain. You can calculate the length of the power cord stretchy bead cord by using a measuring tape. The numbers on the indicating part of a metal measuring tape usually represent inches and centimeters.


Once your measurements are taken into account, you then have to use pliers to open one end of each link. After opening a link, you then have to thread beads through the opening. When you have threaded beads in each of the links, it is then time to close all the openings with pliers. You can also use clasps or charms at the end of the bead chain to close the openings.


Your bracelet or your necklace is now ready for wearing. After wearing, your necklace or bracelet has to be cleaned and maintained regularly so it can look attractive for a long time. Whenever you wear jewelry of any type, make sure that you take good care of it by cleaning and maintaining it regularly.


This is how you can start and finish making beautiful bracelets and necklaces within no time. To buy high-quality beads and gemstones of different shapes and sizes including wood beads, pearl gemstones, etc, you should check the collection of Dream Of Stones. We also have tools and accessories in stock such as powercord stretchy bead cord, jewelry thread cord, and beading cords required to make jewelry. For further queries or information, you can send us a message at

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