How To Pick The Perfect Opal Engagement Ring Stones

Choosing an engagement ring is not easy. But with opal, it is sorted. Opal Stone Jewelry is an affordable yet luxurious choice for making a statement with your wardrobe. It makes a great ring for the occasion and has undeniable qualities to harmonize up your married life. Let’s learn more about this interesting stone.

About Opal

Opal stones are the semi-precious gemstones that are found in Australia. The opal stone is broken up into two main categories, Common and precious. The difference between the two categories is basically determined by the color of the stone which is due to the type of chemicals that the opal stones comprise of. Precious opals are usually transparent with a white background, but there are also transparent opals that can have other colors appearing within it. Whereas, Common opals are translucent to opaque with a solid background. The main difference between transparent and translucent opals is that transparent opals are still colorless when they have no white or black spots in them. It is not difficult to find pieces of pink opal beads that suit both your budget and your style. For those who want something with a little more glamour, there are fire opals, which will brighten up any outfit even in dim light.

Properties Of Opal Stone

With regards to the composition, opal stone is made from silica. The water and gas enclosed in it cause the stone to display iridescence, which produces many colors such as yellow, blue, green and red.

It is the birthstone for Libra sun sign and is also given as a gift on the 14th anniversary of couples. Opals are known to have wonderful properties, such as emotional depth and beauty. More importantly, they are known to be excellent for meditation as well as healing. The reason for this is because they are able to stimulate and concentrate on higher thoughts. They also help people heal their anger and past traumatic experiences that they may have had in life.

Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Opal Stone

Opal Stone, especially fire opal beads, is known to be able to aid in protection. It gives the wearer a sense of safety when they feel threatened. The opal stone also provides feelings of unity, while keeping the person grounded and in tune with their surroundings as well as nature. It purifies your surrounding energies and amplifies positive energies. It is also believed to amplify whatever energies it receives and send them back to their source, which makes it a karmic stone.

Its healing properties are very helpful in treating physical problems such as fever, liver and kidney problems, menstrual cramps, easing childbirth, etc. It can also aid in treating and rejuvenating the body from toxins.

Things To Look For In An Opal Engagement Ring

Colors And Meanings

Opals come in various colors and they each have different meanings to them. Black opal is one of the hardest opals to find and it is also one of the most expensive. The most common color for an opal is white, but there are many other types of opal out there such as yellow, green, blue, pink, black and brown. These different colors have different meanings when it comes to engagement rings.

Black opal is known for being the hardest and hardest stones to get and it is also the most expensive. White opal is one of the most common colors of opal and it typically means fidelity. It is considered to be the stone for true or "forever stone". Green opal beads have a wide variety of meanings depending on the color. Some people say that green is good luck, because they believe that opals have a connection with nature. Other people say green means love and friendship. Yellow opal means friendship, good luck and sunshine. Blue opal represents truth, strength and loyalty. Pink opal beads are thought to bring love, friendship and happiness into your life. Brown opal is used to help you have a clearer focus on the present moment. Fire opals are said to bring balance and help you get along with others. Fire is also known as the "heart chakra" stone, it helps people find their way on their life journey.

Shape Of Stone

Opals are preferred in the engagement rings because these can be carved in a variety of shapes and have an appropriate thickness. The jeweler you get it made from can carve the shape as the design of the ring you want to have. Although some opals are so unique that they are found with their attached rock setting and are kept in  that state only. In such cases, the ring has to be designed accordingly because the shape of such opals can’t be changed much.

Durability And Cost

The opal stones, like in the form of fire opal beads, are considerably durable and are long lasting. Although not as hard as other semi-precious stones, opal still holds a good image and sop, is considered good for setting in your engagement ring. You can set it in gold, silver, platinum or any other metal you want. As for the price of this stone, it is quite rare and valued. Nevertheless, these are not as pricey as diamonds and rubies but are equally beautiful. So, these would be great in engagement rings.

How To Choose The Perfect Opal Stone?

An opal ring can be matched with the same beads necklace like, Blue opal Peruvian beads for the occasion. This would lighten up the bride's look and add magnificence to it. These beads are believed to be good for bringing harmony into the relations and blessing the couple with a happily married life. The colors of opal are mesmerizing and you can choose any color for your engagement ring. The main aspects to consider are its positive qualities and the preferred color of your partner.

Dream of Stones

Among several stone beads you can get from us at Dream of Stones, you can also get Green opal beads and other types of this stone. You can start planning for the big day through checking out our elaborate collection. Give your bride’s opal ring company through some opal necklace and bracelet.

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