How To Decorate Your Own Top With Beads

Many people like to wear comfy t-shirts, but after some time it may seem boring to wear the same t-shirts repeatedly. If you're comfortable working with needles and thread, we've got great news for you. You can decorate your own top with different beads and gemstones like rhinestones, tiger beads, etc. in a short time.


Because of the popularity of beads, we've collected a bunch of ideas for you to learn how to decorate your own top with beads. These bead crafts are very easy to do alone or together with your friends and family members. You can either use your old t-shirts or buy new ones and give them a unique look. To get started, you'll need to gather some materials and learn some skills.

What You Will Need:

  • Fabric and thread for the t-shirt

  • Beads in different colors and sizes. You can use rhinestones, matte tiger eye gemstone beads, pearl gemstones, etc. Also, these beads can be substituted with a variety of materials like leather, rope, wood, etc.

  • A pair of scissors

  • Needle and thread (For larger beads, you'll also need wire.)

  • Chalk

Ways To Decorate Your Top/T-shirt

  1. Prepare your top/t-shirt - The first and foremost thing is having a top or t-shirt. If you're going to buy a new one, it is advised to buy a plain and solid-colored t-shirt. A printed top with different patterns and designs can clash with the gemstones you're going to use. Other things to remember before buying a new one:

  • Get a fitted top/t-shirt if you're going to use beads on the shoulders.

  • If you've planned to use beads on the collar area, get a top or shirt with a large or scooped collar.

  • If you want to work in the front or any other area, any type of t-shirt will work.

2. Select the design - This is the most crucial step of the entire process. You need to decide where and how you want to use the gemstones. Here are some ideas:

- If you like pearl gemstones, then you can decorate the collar part of any shirt or top with them. You can add clusters of beads on the end of the collar. And on the remaining part, you can add several beads at a distance.

- You can also add different types of beads to make a neat and royal neckline on the top. You can use green peridot, blue topaz, tiger beads, jasper gemstones, etc. The combination of different gemstones in the neckline can add a wonderful look to your top.

- Do you have a top or dress with straps on the back and you want to wear it again? Well, you can fulfill your dream by just making some cute and beautiful alterations. By just adding small and some transparent and matching colored semi-precious gemstones to add more glamour.

- You can also add some fun to this beading project by adding a knotted network of fringe at the bottom of the top and use wooden beads in the middle of the emerging diamond-like shape. Or you can also make fringe strands and add beads in them and secure them by placing a knot at the end. You can also use your creativity and make another design that you prefer.

- You can also add beads in different shapes on your tops, t-shirts as well as on sweatshirts to give them a new look. You can use beads to make heart shapes, leaf shapes, etc. as the possibilities are endless.

And if you want to make your top look like a designer one, then you can use a ladder bead and a spacer bead in it, make 2 rows of beads on both sides of the ladder and create a diamond-like shape.

Be creative, think outside the box, and have fun with this idea.

3. In addition to this, you can also add lace or tassels to decorate your tops and t-shirts. You can either make solid lace or tassels from your beads or you can buy some custom-made ones from the stores.

4. If you add beads or gemstones with glue, you have to leave the top for some hours to let the glue dry completely.

5. After you have finished decorating your top, it's best to handle it carefully in order to avoid breaking the beads or gemstones.

Now that you know how to decorate your clothes in a unique manner, you should DIY this design and make your own clothes look awesome. To buy different types of semi-precious beads like jasper gemstones, rhinestones, tiger beads, etc., you can visit our website of Dream Of Stones or send us your message at

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