How to Create Your Elastic Bracelets

Have you been planning on making your jewelry by yourself? Are you overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start?

Let's Go!

Creating your jewelry should not be hard. You just need to have a design in mind, learn the basics, and have fun! Also, starting to learn the basics will save you a lot of time to create new jewelry pieces. In this blog post, we are sharing with you how to create elastic bracelets that:

    • it takes 5 minutes (or less) to make
    • needs a few supplies
    • can sell to friends, family or even to strangers

    With this simple tutorial, you will learn how to achieve all of these four goals above!

    What You Need:

    1. Your favorite beads (gemstones, or wood beads). You can mix and match them with different materials and sizes, whichever you like. At Dream Of Stones, we always have a knack for gemstones. Here are some of our all-natural gemstones to start with: 8mm round amethyst and 8mm round rose quartz.
    2. Elastic Cord. An elastic cord is the best option to hold your bracelets because it can smoothly go back to its original shape after stretching. We always use 0.8mm elastic stretch cord in making jewelry. However, you can also use any size 1mm or smaller since our 8mm beads can even fit through them.
    3. Scissors.

    We mainly use these three items listed. However, you can also use additional materials, like beading boards, to plan out your design. You can also use tape or jewelry glue to secure the ends of the bracelet.

    Let’s Get Started!

      1. Measure the size of the bracelet. Wrap the elastic around the wrist, then add 0.5-1 inch for a better fit. Add another 4-5 inches to make an easier knot.
  • Design and string your beads! No need to use needles to thread the beads! Just simply use your imagination. If you want more inspiration, check out our Dream Of Stones Facebook Group to see our bracelet creations.
    1. Stretch the cord. Once all of the beads are strung, stretch the cord so there will be no gaps between the beads, and pulling it would make your bracelet last longer.
    2. Tie the knot! We highly recommend using the surgeon’s knot, square knot, or the granny’s knot.
    3. Hide the knot. Tuck the knot under the bead. For extra security, dab a dot of jewelry glue inside the bead.

    And you’re done! That was easy and fast, right? You can add some charms, connectors, or tassels to make it more creative!

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