How To Check the Quality of Semi-Precious Beads?

Demand for precious and semi-precious beads is quite high and this is one of the reasons why people are making imitations of these beads. People who are greedy and want to earn money in an unethical way indulge themselves in the business of making people fool and selling them fake gems. This is why it becomes important to determine the quality of gemstones before buying them.


However, you might be wondering how to identify a genuine piece of the semi-precious bead. If you are buying semi-precious beads for yourself or for gifting purposes, it is important to learn ways to identify a genuine one from the fake ones. You should know how to differentiate gemstones e.g. spotting the difference between real green jasper beads and fake ones.


We all have heard this quote many times but we find it important to reiterate 'All that glitters is not gold.' The purpose of reiterating it here is to make you understand that not all semi-precious beads are genuine and you must not waste time and money on buying a fake one. There are certain factors that determine the quality of semi-precious beads. These factors include:


Flaws: When buying semi-precious gemstones in bulk, people often forget to check for flaws. There is no doubt that natural gemstones such as green jasper beads have little flaws in them. But a lot of flaws on the surface of gems indicate that they are fake and not real. Some jewelers try to work finely and this is why some imitation gems will have fewer flaws compared to real ones. Thus, you need to check and choose gemstones carefully. You might not like the flaws in gemstones but if so then you should buy artificial gemstones at their specific price.


Color: Semi-precious beads come in different colors. You can buy them in shades such as green, white, orange, red and yellow. Imitations are also available in the same colors in the market as jewelers work finely to make them look identical to the real beads. However, there will be differences between the two in shape, size, and texture. It is important to ensure that you have chosen semi-precious beads of quality before buying them. Check if the color of the gemstone is too saturated or not. If yes, it is not real.


Shape and design: You should not be in a hurry while buying semi-precious gemstones. When each gemstone is cut, it shows different characteristics. Some gemstones are cut without leaving any marks whereas others have marks left on them. This is another quality test that you must do when buying semi-precious green jasper beads. The shape and design of the gemstone determine the market price.


Luster: You should check the luster of semi-precious stones before buying them as different gemstones have different luster. Natural gemstones do not shine bright except some such as diamond or gold which possess high luster even in their original form. There will be differences in the luster of synthetic gemstones and natural ones. Learn about them before buying.


Cost: It is always better to buy precious and semi-precious gemstones from the companies that buy beads directly from mining companies. These people will give you a complete guarantee about the quality of gemstones and you will be able to save much of your hard-earned money and have to face no problems at all. There are a lot of fake gems in the market that are sold at highly discounted rates. You should always check their prices before buying.


Weight: Weight is another quality test that you need to do before buying gemstones. A genuine stone will be heavier than a synthetic one. However, you should not use this as your sole criterion while buying gemstones since the seller might have used deceptive tricks such as adding lead to the synthetic gemstone. Thus, you need to check all other factors such as color, shape, design, and luster.


Seller's credibility: It is important to ensure that the seller from whom you are buying gemstones is credible and trustworthy. You need to check if he/she has any experience in selling them. It is important to ask for the certification of gemstones from the seller. He/she should at least have a certificate from an accredited laboratory. When buying gems, it is important not only to check their quality but also their origin. You should always buy beads whose origin is mentioned on the certificate.


There are more factors that you should pay attention to while buying semi-precious gemstones. The best way is to buy from a trusted source so that you do not face any kind of problems later on. Dream Of Stones is one of the reliable and authentic sources from where you should buy green jasper beads online and other gemstones. To know more about us, you can visit our website online and contact us at

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