How to Buy Gemstones For Your Jewelry Piece

Jewelers all over the world use gemstones to add beauty and elegance to their jewelry pieces. They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes that can be used in endless combinations. Natural gemstones are not just for jewelry—various cultures believe that gemstones have healing powers or bring certain blessings upon the wearer. One of the most popular jewelry pieces that are designed with gemstones is necklaces. Jewelry makers can use them to create necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and even decorative boxes. Gemstones can be worn on their own or in combination with other gemstones with the only limitation being the imagination of the jeweler. But the most asked question is about how to get them.

Guide To Buying Gemstones For Jewelry Making

There are many intricacies of buying gemstones for jewelry making. It needs knowledge, an eye for detail and attentiveness. But anything can be mastered with dedication and practice.

1. Best Beginners' Stones

There are some stones that are best for beginners’ use and some of these are given:

a. Quartz Crystal

A stunning clear stone that will bring out the best in your jewelry designs. Like rosewood beads, purity, color, age are all very important factors when purchasing quartz crystal.

b. Coral

Coral is an exotic stone that is wonderful for beginners’ use. It has beautiful colors ranging from pink to orange. The variety of colors gives you an opportunity to experiment with different types of settings or beads for your jewelry pieces.

c. Labradorite

Labradorite is a beautiful stone that is popular among jewelry makers. It has a unique iridescent color that can be used in different ways in your jewelry pieces.

d. Amethyst

This is a stone with which you can create an amazing piece of jewelry. It can be pinkish or purple and has significant metaphysical properties.

e. Carnelian

Carnelian is another appropriate natural gemstone for beginners’ use. It provides a very warm color to your jewelry pieces. It has amazing qualities which make it the perfect stone to use in jewelry making.

2. Choosing The Right Gemstones

There are types of gemstones with different values and properties and significance. Some are rare, which are referred to as the "best-quality" gems. Others are more affordable options that can still be used for jewelry design work and these are also called semi-precious gemstones. There are a vast variety of colors that gemstones are available in. Once you decide to make a jewelry piece, you would want to decide which gemstone to use particularly for the piece. It will be determined by the purpose you want the jewelry for, who you want it for and how you want it to look.

3. Choose You Seller Wisely

In buying from a jeweler, you have to take into account your seller's expertise. You want to work with someone familiar and proficient in gemstones and know what is best for their jewelry works. But the best way to buy is through a trusted online seller. You can track their order timeline, their work through the years and contact their previous customers for reviews. Our store, Dream of Stones, is one such online store offering authentic and great quality gemstone and wooden beads. From amethyst to rosewood beads, we have everything in store for your jewelry making.

4. Know The Basics Of Stones

There are many different types of gemstones in the market. Some, like diamonds, are pure and flawless, while others contain many imperfections within their cut or color. Each one of these stones will have their own unique composition and characteristics which you need to know before buying it. The knowledge of metaphysical, healing and mineral properties helps you identify authentic stones and to get the most perfect gemstone for your project. Try to know about the appearance, classification and features of stones before buying.

5. Be Updated About Gemstone Prices

Precious as well as semi-precious gemstones, all are priced uniformly throughout a region. While precious stones like diamonds, emeralds and rubies are very expensive and hold a high value because of their rarity, semi-precious gemstones are priced slightly lower. But the prices are not drastically low because these are still unique and rare. So, before you step out to buy your natural gemstones, pay special care to the current stone prices. This is to make sure that you are not overcharged. In case the stones are very undercharged, there can be doubts with their authenticity and quality, so, very cheap stones are also not preferable.

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