Guide To Bead Embroidery Easily

Well, if you’ve found yourself at a loss for what to knit, crochet or embroider, why not try something new with your favorite hobby? In this guide we will go over the basics of bead embroidery and detail some of the many ways to create a beautiful piece.


There are three basic stitches that are used for any bead’s embroidery, say rainbow hematite gemstone beads: the running stitch, the backstitch and the chain stitch. These stitches don’t have to be used together, but for beginning bead embroiderers they are easy to learn and follow.


But before we go into the detail of these stitches, here are some aspects you need to keep in mind before starting with stitching including some things you need to know about bead embroidery:

Things To Keep In Mind

1. Beads can be used in any stitch and all over the piece in the form of scattered beads. They are especially effective when used to fill in spaces.


2. The stitch direction is determined by the stitch pattern. It is very important that you keep the needle on top of the fabric when doing a stitch so it can be easily seen which direction your stitches are going.


3. Never use too small a needle to do 6mm round gemstone beads embroidery. You should use the largest one available for your project and take care not to damage the beading thread when you are sewing them on your fabric or canvas.


4. Use the right color of thread for the bead color and always have enough thread to complete the piece. It would be a waste of time and money to work on a piece that you run out of thread in completing it or would end up having to buy another one just for finishing it.

Bead Stitching Guide

Running Stitch

We will start with the simple running stitch. This stitch is perfect for creating a straight line, as it requires no knots. All you have to do is move your needle through the center of the bead and pull it tight. It is impossible to “over-stitch” and only takes a few seconds to complete. The running stitch can be used on all sorts of beads, and is not limited by the size of your beads so you can also use it for your 6mm round gemstone beads. As long as you have a needle that is long enough for the beads, you can use this stitch instead of a knot.


The running stitch is perfect for sewn pieces, but you can also knot a bead onto the end of your thread before beginning and then use it as an anchor. This works well for any type of beadwork where a straight line is required.


The backstitch is another stitch that is simple and easy to learn. Instead of pulling your thread through the bead vertically, you pull it in a horizontal direction, and then go around the bead horizontally again. This forms a nice little zigzagging line that can be used on its own or combined with other stitches. The backstitch is used to create a straight line of stitches, as well as a very decorative ornamentation.


The reason for this popularity being that it is a very simple way to create a line of stitches that are visually appealing. Also, because you add rainbow hematite gemstone beads to the front loop of the stitch, the stitch can be easily made to take up any amount of space. The backstitch looks similar to a running stitch, but it is not exactly the same. The backstitch creates a slightly longer line of stitches and do/es not take up more space than a running stitch.

Chain Stitch

The Chain Stitch is also known as the Single Crochet. You pull your thread through the bead vertically, then you wrap it around and pull it through again. The chain stitch creates a nice little beaded chain when working with multiple beads. The chain stitch is the one stitch you will use the most with bead embroidery. It is also used to add beads to a pattern. Additionally, this kind of stitch is used to outline a pattern, define the center of flowers and to provide a way to start stitches. It is also used to make small dots and circles. The Chain stitch is different in that it has a loop that you work into, instead of wrapping around the thread.

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