Golden Rutilated Quartz Beads

Golden Rutilated Quartz Beads

When it comes to the number of gems and their types, they are almost endless. From precious to semi-precious, from bi-mineral to mono-mineral, every slight change gives birth to a new gemstone. The thing that is common among all is that they are exceptionally unique and brilliant. They come in numerous beautiful colors with combinations never thought of before. Not only this, they all are quite profound among enthusiasts, explorers and gemologists alike. Most gemstones, whether precious or semi-precious, whether rare or affordable, have certain unique properties attached to them. They are also believed to have spiritual and psychological healing features. The gemstones like quartz and crystals have been a subject of curiosity since olden times. They have their own beliefs and myths related to each regarding their origination and well as uses. Till date, these are attached to several chakras and sunsings, and are recommended to wear for bringing prosperity and calm.

One of such a unique stone is rutilated quartz, which is a rather rare gemstone and has special characteristics named to it. For starters, it is an inclusion of one mineral into another, which is why it has a unique value attached to it. What is even more attractive is its appearance and usages. Golden rutilated quartz beads are largely favoured by jewelry makers in bracelets and necklaces. Let’s learn in detail about these wonders of nature.

About Rutilated Quartz Beads

Rutilated quartz are found in many places around the globe, but primarily in Brazil, Madagascar, Spain and Russia. These have been used since ancient times for ornament and decorative making and also, as curing stones. With a long history and rare existence, these gemstones are semi-precious and are quite affordable. The name signifies the presence of two minerals in one stone which are, quartz and rutile. Rutile is a titanium dioxide mineral, which gets included in quartz minerals to form needle-like natural designs across the interiors of the otherwise transparent quartz. The color of this inclusion is generally golden, blood or copper red, silver or deeper black. This color depends on the iron oxide content of the rutile. In case there is a large iron oxide content, the inclusions are golden and blood red colors. But if the iron oxide content is less, the inclusions are of darker red or black colors. The most beautiful inclusions are golden in color and the golden rutilated quartz beads are the most favoured of all other types. It is interesting to note that such inclusions in precious gemstones like Diamonds are highly unfavourable and lower their value. But in the case of quartz or other semi-precious stones, these inclusions add to the desirability and beauty of them, causing their value to increase.

Properties Of Golden Rutilated Quartz Beads

Other than being an exquisite stone with uncommon appearance, it has some equally unique properties. These properties include both spiritual and chemical ones. As mentioned before, it has been an acclaimed stone since historic times and holds great value in traditions. It is said to combine the qualities of both rutile and quartz.

Quartz is known to greatly kindle positive energy, while rutile is known to bring awareness of life and world. Together, the qualities of both these minerals are amplified. The particular qualities of rutilated quartz include revival of emotional spirits. It eradicates the feelings of loneliness, anxiety, guilt and fear. It instills passion and promotes clear thinking. It helps to think objectively when faced with a challenging situation and arrive at a solution in lesser time as usual. It has curing effects on muscles, nerves, intestine and blood. Additionally, it helps to heal bronchitis and balance thyroid. Similarly, gold rutilated quartz beads bring determination and willpower in the wearer while calming the inner corners of their mind. It was used in the early ages to slow down aging and cure wounds faster painlessly.

How To Tell If Your Rutilated Quartz Is Authentic?

To make sure that you buy authentic and real golden rutilated quartz beads, you need to thoroughly focus on the following criteria:

  1. Make sure you know the colors properly, The rutilation is generally seen in transparent quartz crystals and the inclusion is mostly of golden and red colors. The shades may differ but you should be able to tell them apart.
  2. If the stone has been processed multiple times that it loses its value, it will generally have deep cracks and damages that are not to be seen in natural fine ones.
  3. Make sure to notice that glass is being sold in the name of quartz. Glass sometimes is seen to have tiny air bubbles, but this is not the case with quartz. 

Why Are These Best For Jewelry Making?

Golden rutilated quartz beads are one of the best gemstone beads for jewelry making and bracelet or necklace designing. The reasons for such favouritism are:

  • Golden rutilated quartz has a spectacular sheen and never-seen-before design patterns.
  • These are appropriately hard and smooth to be made into wearable jewelry items.
  • These are easily available and are considerably affordable, and so, can be purchased by any one who wants to change their crystals.
  • The wearers have felt a change in themselves after wearing this stone. This leveres it’s desirability and so, it is liked to be worn by people.
  • Its natural luster and design is appropriate for bracelets and necklaces.
  • Rutilated quartz beads give an edge to your otherwise ordinary looking outfit and this jewelry adds greatly to your personality.
  • It can also be profoundly used for spiritual practices and healing activities.

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