Gem Facts Featuring the Best Gemstones

Gemstones make up a large part of our lives and are a key component to the beauty in jewelry around the world. Best selling gemstones feature colors, patterns, and shapes that can be adapted into many different handmade jewelry items. They can also boast benefits such as protection for your health or healing powers to improve your moods. All the different gemstones have their unique features and benefits. These are very interesting facts and will be surprising to the ones who are new in the gemstone world. Let's learn more about the best gemstones.

  1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz and it has been greatly popular for thousands of years. It is the most popular purple gemstone for jewelry. Amethyst has a charm that goes with every outfit and uplifts the overall appearance of the wearer. The healing and metaphysical qualities of amethyst include, reducing stress, healing illness, generating positivity, upliftment of spirits and balancing mood.

  1. Opals

Opal is a variety of translucent to transparent hydrated silicon dioxide mineral that can be found having an iridescent appearance. It appears to be bouncing off rainbow hues. It is also known as the stone of happiness and good fortune. The most important feature of this gemstone is its fire and water qualities. This makes opal a great choice for jewelry making. The quality gemstone beads made from opal gemstone are easily available at our website Dream of Stones.

  1. Citrine

Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz and one of the most popular natural gemstones. It has been used in jewelry for centuries. Citrine's healing and metaphysical qualities include soothing headaches, enhancing creativity, and attracting prosperity. This gem can be seen in hues of yellow or orange, and may be paired with other gemstones. It is one of those stones that goes for all and can be worn everyday. Its qualities have been recognized over time, which is why it is one of the most liked eye gemstones of all time and is great for beginners.

  1. Tourmaline

Tourmaline is the best-selling gemstone in the United States. The colors of tourmaline include black, yellow, blue, pink and green. Other colors include brown, orange and purple. Tourmaline is a mineral species in the boron group. Many different colors of tourmaline can be found in one specimen. This is why it is a fan favorite for jewelry. Tourmaline has been used to heal and protect the wearer from illness. Its metaphysical qualities include, attracting money and riches, banishing negative energy, increasing psychic abilities, and protecting against harmful rays.

  1. Tanzanite

Tanzanite has a beautiful blue-violet color that appears when tanzanite is exposed to fluorescent light, making this gem one of the highly sought-after gemstones. Tanzanite has a high dispersion rate which means that it sparkles more than diamonds. Its quality gemstone beads have great metaphysical and healing properties like balancing mood and reducing stress. Additionally, tanzanite promotes tranquility and drives away negative energies to create a light and harmonious aura.

  1. Malachite

Malachite is a mineral that forms a beautiful and unique blend of green color and black. It is very unique and special. This stone is used in a wide array of jewelry including pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. It features beautiful patterns that can be used as components for necklaces. It has also been used since ancient times to make jewelry that depicts animals and insects that may be found in nature. It is a symbol of renewal for the earth and nature. The gemstone promotes riches, peace, and harmony among family and friend groups.

  1. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl gemstone and it is the official birthstone of March. It is also the traditional gift for couples celebrating their 21st or 65th wedding anniversaries. It can be found in all shades of blue but the most common color is light blue to dark blue. This best selling gemstone's blue color gives you the aura of water and makes you feel in touch with nature. This is another gemstone that attracts many people out there. It makes an excellent choice for those who are fond of blue gemstones and who wish to create both beautiful as well as cute jewelry items in their collections.

  1. Peridot

This is sometimes called the "Queen of Gemstones". It is a green variety of beryl gemstone that is found in many different shades of green but most common colors are light-green and dark-green. The color depends on the location where it was found in nature. The healing and metaphysical properties of peridot gemstone include, overcoming feelings of sadness, reducing stress, it is used as a strengthener of resolve and determination, amplification of positive vibrations and eradication of negative energies.


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