Find Your Mala Beads: Know some Intention

Are you looking for beads to count mantras or just to decorate your wrist or neck? Wood beads such as orange beads or orange aventurine beads can assist you set an intention for a day or lifetime. You can choose gemstones according to your intentions. An intention is a positive change in life or a dream that you want to manifest in your life. This can vary from a single and simple idea to a long-term goal like becoming a healthier person, getting rid of bad habits, and wanting to travel the world safely. For instance, if you want to find harmony, embrace change, release anxiety, focus, and stay calm.

Here are some gemstones that go perfect with various intentions:

  1. Increases confidence: Confidence is the feeling that can help you complete any task that you may think is unachievable for you. Here are some beads that are meant to increase confidence such as carnelian, citrine, tiger eye gemstone, orange aventurine beads, etc. You can use these beads for your mala and wear them to increase your confidence in yourself.

  2. Awakening mind: Wearing mala of tassel and wood beads such as rosewood, sandalwood, graywood beads, etc. is believed to awaken the mind. It helps in cooling pitta aggravation in summer’s heat. Amethyst beads can also help in awakening your mind.

  3. Brings success in career and business: Many people feel that they are not getting achievements or growth in their career and business. According to the astrology and belief of several people, it is said that citrine gemstones bring career and business growth. These beads stimulate the solar plexus and soothe any stress around the finances which further increases self-esteem and confidence.

  4. Generate good vibes and self-care: If you are feeling exhausted and need some positive energy for self-love and self-care, rose quartz or orange aventurine beads are perfect for you. This gemstone is best for you if your intention is to connect deeply with your loved ones. Rose quartz represents love, compassion, and connection. Wearing rose quartz beaded mala can manifest more self-love, self-care, and also produce good vibes around you.

  5. Relieving stress and anxiety: If you are dealing with stress and anxiety and looking for peace in your life, howlite beads are perfect for you. This crystal facilitates emotional healing and it is great for those who want to have a better sleep at night. While sleeping, you can keep this crystal nearby for a restful sleep. You can get a mala made from these beads with the intention of feeling relaxed and stress-free.

  6. Promoting positivity: Many people want to get relief from stress, promote positivity around, and increase happiness in their lives. Such people should wear mal or bracelets made of sunstone beads, or precious rudrani beads.

  7. To bring innovation: Carnelian and agate beads are said to promote courage and bring innovation in yourself. These beads motivate you to achieve success and amplify creativity in you.

  8. Centering energy: Tiger eye beads and rudraksha beads are best for grounding work and it is believed that they possess healing powers too. These beads center your energy, resolve conflicts, and promote focus.

  9. Helps in decision-making: Onyx gemstones are said to provide strength, courage, and stamina. These orange beads are an excellent choice for people who want help in decision-making, self-control, and relief from grief.

  10. Promoting restful sleep: Most people deal with negative thoughts when they go to bed. Pink opal is the best gemstone to get relief from negativity. It soothes your emotions, calms negative feelings, and promotes restful sleep. Wearing a garland or bracelets made from pink opals and rose quartz gems can bring love, understanding, and compassion to your relationship.

  11. Soothing emotional trauma: If you are dealing with emotional trauma, you should wear amazonite gemstones. It helps in clearing the blockage of the nervous system and is a great stone in abundance and manifestation.

  12. Promoting peace and spirituality: Amethyst and Lepidolite gemstones are believed to promote spiritual connection, peace, and bring emotional balance. These stones also help in relieving stress and thus offer a deep and restful sleep.

  13. Stimulating objectivity and clarity: Two blue gemstones i.e. lapis lazuli and sodalite are great for manifestation. They provide objectivity and clarity, and stimulate high intelligence and deep thought, and also develop compassion.

  14. Improving communication: Many people cannot communicate effectively due to multiple thoughts running in their minds at the same time. Wearing Chrysocolla gemstones help you get out of guilt, improves your self-awareness and communication.

  15. Bringing good luck: The gemstone that is all about love, harmony and friendship, its name is Jade. It increases love, compassion, nurturing and it is also believed to bring good luck, wealth, and abundance.

Now that you know which gemstone is best for a particular intention, you can choose the one that suits you. You can buy orange beads or orange aventurine beads from a trustworthy platform Dream Of Stones. You can contact us for any queries and messages at

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