Experience The Beauty Of Citrine Bracelets

The best gemologists and jewelry makers have named citrine their favorite stone. And this is not just for its color or cut. The beauty and significance of citrine gemstone beads is undeniable, even more so when worn in a bracelet. It is very easy to be mesmerized by the allure of a citrine beaded bracelet and as light weight as they are, you can wear them seven days of the week. These uplift an outfit like nothing else and even after being a powerful stone, keep the wearer grounded. But the beauty of these bracelets is not exclusive of metaphysical qualities. Citrine is well known for its metaphysical and mineral properties and it is the main center of attraction for jewelry makers and wearers. It is an all-round stone for beginners and a must have stone for any home space.

Properties Of Citrine

Physical Properties

Citrine is commonly found yellow in color and is from the quartz family. It is stone formed from silica dioxide and the color is because of the presence of iron. This stone is originally found in Brazil, Zambia, France, Spain and Argentina. It has a vitreous luster, like any other quartz and can be found in a variety of shades of yellow and orange. Commercial citrine goes through heat treatment for color maintenance but natural stones as well can experience a change in color when exposed to sunlight for long hours. Coming from the same origin, amethyst may sometimes be heat treated to form citrine, which is artificial treatment and stones treated like this must be avoided for buying.

Healing And Metaphysical Properties

Like all other semi-precious crystal stones, citrine also comes with certain metaphysical and healing properties and is seldom a part of spiritual practices. As the birthstone for November, Citrine gemstone beads work best for zodiacs Aries, Libra, Leo and Gemini. Citrine is a stone of clarity, happiness and prosperity. At its best, this stone protects, gives strength, positive energy, confidence and creativity in the wearer.


It is a great stone for spiritual growth and stability. It protects the wearer from negative energies and opens doors for adventures and new opportunities. Many people weather it for mind, soul and body balance in addition to optimizing temper and anxiety. Citrine also helps to uplift the mood, improve concentration and get a hold of mood swings on bad days. Raw chunks of citrine are also kept in homes for protection, prosperity, and aura cleansing. It also helps to overcome trauma and depression while also helping with self-confidence and creative intent.


Apart from the metaphysical and emotional properties, citrine is an incredible healing stone as well. The stone helps to balance chemicals in the body and maintain healthy blood circulation and digestive system. If you have diabetes or are suffering from thyroid, you can wear a citrine bracelet or keep it with yourself in your pocket and feel a positive change. It is an important part of primitive healing practices and is believed to energize a fatigued body. Citrine beads are great for reducing menstrual pains and also getting rid of nausea.

What Other Jewelry Can Be Made From Citrine?

Citrine Rings

Being a multipurpose stone, citrine is also very versatile when it comes to making jewelry. There are a lot of jewelry items that can be made with it, and rings are one of them. You can make an overall beaded ring or a silver ring with a solid citrine stone on the top. It is very lightweight and easy to wear everyday regardless of what color outfit you wear.

Citrine Earrings

A set of citrine earrings is a catch on all days. Summer days are lifted even more when you wear a pair of minimalist citrine earrings with your outfit. You can be as creative as you want with citrine because of it being easy to use and it is easily available too. The stone can be wrapped in singer or golden wire or it can be designed with a charm.

Citrine Anklets

Wearing gemstone anklets has never been out of style. A citrine anklet adds to the beauty of your feet and lets you make a statement. These are very easy to carry and you can design them in any way you like.

Citrine Necklace

A beaded necklace with citrine is a great statement jewelry. You can make them at home, combine citrine beads with other gemstone beads or add a simple and sleek charm to it. What matters is the creativity and efforts you put in.


The beauty of citrine bracelets cannot be overlooked and it is such an alluring piece that everyone should have one. You can make one for yourself with our beading tools and variety of round and chip beads. Visit Dream of Stones website today or get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com.

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