Everything You Need to Know About Mala Beads

Are you searching for ideal mala beads to boost your style and meditation practice? Choosing beads from a wide variety of gemstones and depending on intentions and mantras is an overwhelming endeavour. It can be exciting to choose mala beads to enhance your spiritual growth. Many people choose different beads for their malas ranging from lava beads, turquoise beads, hematite beads to rudraksha, and many more.

For centuries, mala has been used as a tool for self-realization and for Japa practice where one mantra is repeated 108 times. It can be a bit confusing to choose the best mala beads. This is why we are here to guide you on everything you need to know about malas, mala beads, and how to choose or take care of them.

What Is A Mala And Type Of Beads Required To Make One?

Mala is a beaded garland which is also called japa mala and is used for meditation. It is made using beading cords, 108 beads, one large bead at the end and sometimes charms or tassels are used to enhance its beauty.

You can use rudraksha beads, lava beads, turquoise beads, hematite beads, and several other precious wood beads. An interesting fact is that the word ‘Bead’ is derived from a Middle English word that means prayer. It is also used as a fashion statement.

Let's understand the names of different types of beads used to make a mala. Mala is made using various techniques for instance, some malas are made only using 108 primary beads and cord, mala with primary beads, tassel, and cord, mala with threads, primary beads, guru bead, mala with threads, primary beads, tassel, charm, or special pendants, spacer beads or markers, guru bead, accents, etc.

The Tibetan mala is made from 108 primary beads, 3 extra spacer beads and a guru bead. These spacer beads are placed right after every 27th bead.

Now let’s see what should be the length of mala and what should be the ideal size of beads that you can use to make a mala. You can use primary beads of either 6mm or 8mm. No doubt the difference is just 2mm but it can make a significant change in the length of a beaded garland. The circumference of 8mm beaded mala will be around 36 inches and that of 6mm beaded garland will be nearly 24 inches. You can use spacer or marker beads of 4mm and accents of 2mm to differentiate them from primary beads.

How To Choose The Best Bead Size?

In addition to personal preference of beads, you should also consider following things:

  1. If you are going to use the mala for praying, you should choose beads of 8mm size as they will give a tactile feel in your hands. If you’re going to buy a mala with 54 primary beads or less than 108 beads, then choosing beads of 8mm should be great and helpful. But if you’re going to buy a mala of 108 beads then you can choose both 6mm or 8mm sized beads.

  2. If you are suffering from any physical problem such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc. that can create obstacles in counting beads while praying, it is better to choose 8mm or larger sized beads.

  3. If you like to carry a little weighted necklaces or beaded garlands, then go for 8mm sized beads. And those who prefer lightweight jewelry must choose 6mm beads.

Different Colored Beads And Their Meanings

Different colored beads attract different people and each color carries distinct meaning and emotions. Beads such as lava beads, turquoise beads, hematite beads, etc. come in various colors. Thus, it is important to know these characteristics so as to know which one is best for you.

  1. Black: Black colored gemstones signal our body and mind by enhancing the confidence in our appearance. This also increases the feelings and thus makes a person believe in his/her potential and abilities. Black beads signify protection, grounding energy, and success.

  2. Brown: This is a ground and stable color and it helps in creating a connection with our mother earth. Black colored beads signify reliability, honesty, and warmth.

  3. Gray: This is a balanced neutral color. Gemstones of this color represent both masculine and feminine qualities. They signify formal, conservative and sophisticated moods and styles.

  4. Blue: This colour represents relaxation and is associated with well-being and peacefulness. Wearing blue colored gemstones or meditating with these colored beads can make you feel peaceful, calm, and reflective.

  5. Orange: This color represents fun, enjoyment, and vitality. Wearing such colored gemstones can bring your brilliance, activity, vibrancy, and participation in more events happening around you.

  6. Green: This is a color of nature and meditating or wearing such colored beads can help you start fresh, bring personal growth, and more opportunities. This color signifies healing, renewal, and growth.

  7. White: It is a color of peace and it is related to the rite of passage since ancient times. This color signifies spiritual purity and wholeness.

  8. Yellow: This colour is related to clarity and it signifies mental activity, creativity, and inspiration that comes when the mind is clear and is at peace.

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