Easy DIY Bookmarks Using Ribbons, Buttons & Beads

Wouldn't it be great to make special bookmarks you can keep forever? There are lots of easy DIY options for decorating your own unique bookmarks. You can use ribbons, buttons, or even beads. The trick is to design something that you will love. You can buy the best beads for making such bookmarks from us at Dream of Stones.


Bookmarks are a special personalized gift. They are also very practical. Bookmarks are an easy way to keep your place in the pages of a book, magazine, or newspaper without damaging the paper or spreading around your page. If you see a ribbon you want to use, buy a few extra pieces of the same ribbon. You never know when you may want to make matching bookmark and bookmark-holder gift sets for a friend.

1. Crochet Bead Bookmark

Crochet ribbons are fun to use for bookmarking books. You can use one or many colors of crochet ribbons to decorate the bookmark. The possibilities are endless. Try using pink polymer clay beads to decorate the bookmarks. Vintage style beads are especially pretty for this type of crafting project. You need only two things to get started: crochet ribbon (one or more colors) and beads. Any kind of beads you want can be used on a bookmark, but vintage-style beads look especially great on crochet ribbons.

2. Braided Button Bookmark

These types of bookmarks would look pretty on a child's journal or scrapbook. Use several colors of ribbon for this type of crafting project because it will only interest the children and encourage them to read more often. You just need three things: ribbon, button, scissors. Cut the ribbon into two pieces of equal length and several strands of each color. From each piece, cut five to seven strands and attach them to the button so they form a braid along the edge of the button. To make the bookmark secure, secure it to your page with adhesive tape and press down firmly.

3. Bead Charm Bookmark

These bookmarks would look nice on any book and make for a great gift token along with some gifted books for your friends. You don't need any special tools to decorate the bookmark. You can use one or more colors in the best beads for decoration that you can get easily on our website. To make the bookmark secure, you can either stick it to your page by bending the end of the strand doubled up under your finger, or use adhesive tape on both sides of the bookmark to secure it at the left edge of your page. The best way is to use a ribbon and add a small beaded charm on the end. You can use wooden beads or gemstone beads asd well of your choice.

4. Button Lock Bookmark

Bookmarking a page is a great way to keep your place in a book. You just need to add a decorative button. These types of bookmarks would be interesting and unique gifts for kids too. Start with the ribbon and lock the button onto it with small wooden clothespins or pushpins. Secure all sides of the ribbon with button locks. This would be a great craft project for children because it isn't dangerous and is very quick to complete. Also, this can prevent unwanted people from using your book when you are out of your home and you can also use it in your personal diary.

5. Stitched Ribbon Bead Bookmark

If you want to go the extra mile with bookmarks, try stitching beads on to the ribbon's ends. Not only will it look pretty, but it will also increase its durability. You also need only a few tools to finalize the bookmark but it will be utterly unique and authentic because of application of personal creativity and efforts. The beads can be sewn in with colorful yarns and you can add contrasting pink polymer clay beads onto it to make it look exceptional. These are the best for gifting to a book lover because these are filled with love and care that cannot be matched with ready-made bookmarks.

6. Paperclip Button Bookmark

This type of bookmark is cute and simple to make. You will need only paper clips and buttons. If you like the look of vintage buttons, choose them for this bookmark design. However, most any button will do. The great thing about using buttons is that you can use them with or without the holes in the middle of the button.


Whether it is a bead or a ribbon bookmark, you can get the best beads and beading tools with us at Dream of Stones. Make sure to check out our collection or get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com.

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