Different Types Of Needles For Bead Project

When it comes to finding the right needles for your crafting needs, there are a lot of things to consider. Which one will be used for a particular bead project, say, peach shell beads bracelet? What type of material will you be using them with? And, most importantly, what kind of experience are you looking for in the needle yourself? The type of needle that you select is important because different types have different characteristics and skill sets. The appropriate knowledge about your needles can take you a long way in your beading projects and enable you to achieve great precision and quality.

Different Types Of Beading Needles According To Size

There are mainly three to four sizes that the needles are available for beading in:

1. Size 10 needle, which is the smallest of all types. It is used for very tiny beads and usually works fine for fabrics.


2. Size 11 needle is the most common among beaders and is the most versatile of all sizes. They are also very commonly used in making crafts like quilts, embroidery, and knitting.


3. Size 12 needles are also fairly popular among beaders but not as commonly used as size 11 needles. They also work well with intricate designs that involve beads with small holes.


4. Size 13 needles are used quite commonly nowadays by beaders and enthusiasts. This type of needle is more suited for beads with very small holes like coconut heishi beads because its tip is quite narrow.


5. Size 15 needles are used for beads with large holes because of the larger spaces between its tip and the shaft. It also has a longer length that makes it more convenient to work with such beads.

Different Types Of Needles For Beading

1. English Needle:

An English needle has a very sharp point, is long, thin and conveniently flexible to allow passing through multiple and make various patterns. They are mostly used for crocheting, but also for knitting. This type of needle is normally made of metal and has a hook at the end to help pull the thread through the beads. This is one of the most popular and liked needles for beaders and for good reason. Also, it is one of the most versatile and useful beading needles.

2. Japanese Needle:

This needle is very easy to use as it has a thinner point and has similar properties as the English needle. This makes them perfect for working with all types of beads like peach shell beads and is fairly durable but a little expensive. Like the name suggests, these needles are mostly manufactured by Japanese companies. They are also very flexible, making beadwork easy to do. Also, they have a hook at the end, which makes them great if you are planning on threading through multiple strands of beads.

3. Wide Eyed Needle:

The wide eyed needle or the big eye needle is one of the most convenient beading needles. It is open in the center and is stronger than both English and Japanese needles. This enables the thread to be easily pulled through the bead and make your work a lot easier. It is perfect for use with multi strand thread because of its wide eye. The wide eyed needle is best suited to be used on large beads and is great for crocheting and beads knitting. Its strength and wide eye also allows you to work with harder strings like elastic and nylon.

4. Twisted Needles:

The twisted beading needles are twisted throughout their length, are flexible and way more multipurpose than any other needles listed here. It is great for beading jewelry because of its durability and flexibility but this flexibility also is the reason it is not very much preferred except for a small number of particular bead projects like coconut heishi beads. The eye at one end of the needle is considerably wide and allows you to pass the threads through it with ease.

5. Milliners Needle:

Milliner Needle is fairly thick and has similar characteristics as the English Needle, and it has a tapered end that gently tapers the needle to make it very easy to pass the beads through. It is also flexible and very easy to work with. Milliners needles are the best for bead embroidery and on and off loom beading.


Beading gets a whole lot easier when you use the right beading needles. And the best pieces are created with both, the best needle and best beads. We, at Dream of Stones, have your back for getting the best jewelry making gemstone and wooden beads. Visit our website to check out our collection or get in touch with us at hello@dreamofstones.com.

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