Different Methods to Make Easy Earrings with Beads

Beaded earrings are popular with women and men for many reasons, such as their elegance, versatility, and ability to match most outfits. Earrings can even be mixed with other types of jewelry like rings or necklaces by using different hues of beads such as amethyst or amazonite beads in the same style. Wearing matching earrings with outfits is one of the simplest ways to add more beauty to your outfit.


Earring styles have changed over the years as fashion has altered. Now you can find unique designs that are both old-fashioned and modern all at the same time.


Beaded earrings can be purchased from local retail stores or high-end fashion houses. But why spend money on something that you can make on your own. Jewelry making at home is a satisfying way to create beautiful jewelry. It can be fun to watch your creation take shape as you hand-sew the beads or glue the charms onto your finished design.


Work with one bead at a time so as not to lose track of what you've done if you make more than one earring. This is easier to do when working on parrot feathers or other designs that have large holes, which make it easier to thread each individual bead.

How To Make Different Beaded Earrings?

You can easily make a pair of elegant earrings of different styles and types. You can use these beautiful earrings as a gift to your friends or anyone you want to. You can also make special earrings to match a special outfit. And most importantly you can use your passion for making beaded jewelry to earn money as you can sell them online as well as at offline stores.


You should work with one bead at a time so as not to lose track of what you've done if you make more than one earring. This is easier to do when working on parrot feathers or other designs that have large holes, which make it easier to thread each individual bead.

  1. Gather the required material

Making earrings is an easy and less time-consuming process provided you have the right type of materials on hand. You can either get them from a local store or order them online. Here is the list of things that you'll need to make your project successful:

1. Headpins: These are straight and thin pieces of wire that have either a simple loop head, wrapped loop, or flattened head. These are available in different thicknesses to accommodate amethyst beads of different sizes.

2. Beads: You need different types of amazonite beads for earrings. There are square, shaped, and round beads available in many colors and sizes.

3. Floss threaders: They have a thread attached to them, which is used in looping off the beads onto the wire.

4. Glue: This is also known as super glue because it dries faster than other glues. It comes in a small tube called a hot glue gun with glue sticks that come in various shapes and sizes to suit your project needs.

5. Round nose plier: This is the tool you should use to attach the headpins and beads.

6. Wire cutter: This is to be used on the wire after the headpins are off.

7. Tweezers: These are used for a certain type of beads that have smaller holes in them and are sometimes referred to as beading tweezers or better known as tweezers with pointed tips, which you will need for this project.

8. Earring hooks: These can be metal or plastic. The most common type is made from surgical steel and comes in two sizes: small and large.

  1. Choose the design and type of earrings

You can make different types of earrings on your own such as studs, hoops, threaders, dangles, etc.


To make a stud earring, you will need to get two beads and a length of wire, craft glue, and a needle. First, cut a length of wire and twist it together. Next, take the two beads and thread them through the wire. String these earrings together to make one end of a pair. Then bend the other end of the wire into a hook so you can gently push it into your earlobe. Place this piece into your other ear so that you can remove it later to ensure it stays in place for the duration of your event or party.


To make a dangle or wire hook earring, you will need a needle, headpins, jump rings, earring hooks, and amethyst or amazonite beads. First, take two beads and place them one in the other. Then take the wire and loop it through both bead holes. Then twist the wire so that no more is visible on either side of your bead. Now slide on a jump ring through both of the holes in your bead and then place an earring hook through it. Lastly, use wire to connect the hook and the jump ring on one side. After you make your earring, slide it onto your ear to test its size, then cut off any excess wire so that it fits nicely without being uncomfortable. Repeat this process with the remaining materials to create a matching earring.


To make a loop earring, you will need headpins and earring hooks. First, poke two small holes in each bead with a needle and then thread one bead onto both of your headpins. Then take one of your earring hooks and grab it with your fingers. Finally, hook the hook onto one of the headpins and slide it onto the other earring hook.


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