Colored Gemstones vs. Diamonds: Which One Is Better?

Diamonds are the most precious gemstones. They are often associated with wealth, luxury, and romance. However, diamonds are not the only gemstone in existence that carry these meanings with them. Colored gemstones can be equally as attractive and suitable for any occasion in which a diamond would be appropriate.

Deciding Factors To Consider Before Buying Gemstones & Diamonds

When it comes to choosing a gemstone for engagement rings or jewelry, there are four main factors to consider: durability, appearance, cost, and maintenance.



Diamonds are the hardest natural material on earth (10 on Moh’s scale). But because of this hardness, they often become brittle and vulnerable to damage such as cracking or chipping. They can also be easily scratched, and thus require special maintenance to protect the surface of the diamond. You can also consider several other gemstones that are hard enough to be used in jewelry instead of a diamond. Some of them are sapphire, ruby, zircon, and quartz.



The basic brilliance of a diamond is due to its high refractive index (2.42). However, it also has a low dispersion (0.044) meaning that the white light that enters it is split into blue and yellow light frequencies. This white light is then scattered back through the stone. The greater the dispersion, the more vivid and colorful the appearance of a gemstone. Many colored gemstones have higher dispersion than diamonds, giving them more color and beauty than their diamond counterparts like the amethyst.



Because of their rarity, diamonds are expensive to care for. Whether you decide to have your diamond cleaned or have it set in a ring, expect to pay around $3,000-$10,000 just for the basic cleaning and setting of your stone. This is not including the additional expense of having your stone insured or jewelry insured for theft. Colored gems are usually much cheaper to use because they are less fragile with no need to clean them. You can use several gemstones that are cheaper but more attractive than diamonds such as rubies, sapphires, tourmaline, and amethyst.



Diamonds require special care and handling to ensure the stone’s surface is not damaged and its value is preserved. This includes cleaning and storage in a safe environment. Other gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds often need to be cleaned by a professional because of the potential damage that can occur from improper care such as scratching or nicks.

Why Colored Gemstones Are Better Than Diamonds?

Gemstones are often chosen over diamonds because of their beauty, sleek, shiny appearance, their durability in terms of quality and kind treatment. Colored gems may also be preferred because they are cheaper than diamonds. Colored gemstones in general have a much higher refractive index compared to diamonds. This makes them much more colorful in comparison to the plain white diamond, causing it to appear dull when viewed from a distance.


Diamonds are very expensive in purchasing price when setting them in jewelry. They also require a lot of maintenance and care to keep them as beautiful as they appear. Caring for a diamond usually includes regular cleaning and inspections to identify any kind of defects. It is important that you know the factors that will affect the value and appearance of the diamonds to avoid any unnecessary repair fees.


Colored gemstones can be just as valuable and desirable as diamonds if not more so, depending on your preference and price range. They are all available in different colors, shapes, sizes, cut quality, clarity, etc. These are some of the reasons why people prefer colored gemstones over diamonds.

Top 10 Gemstones That Are Better Than Diamonds

1. Red Tigers Eye Gemstone Beads: These gems are extremely rare and valuable. These stones are popular because of their color and because they do not need to be treated in order to look clear.

2. Blue Topaz: If you have a favorite color, this gemstone is going to probably be your favorite! It is very popular because it doesn't require a lot of care in order to maintain its beautiful blue colors...

3. Green Amethyst: This brilliant green gemstone is rare and beautiful. Many people choose to wear this gemstone because it has a variety of uses. You will see that these beautiful green gems are very popular because of their beauty and versatility.

4. Peridot: This gorgeous peridot gemstone is one that the ancient Egyptians considered the most valuable in the world. It is hard to believe that such a wonderful emerald-like stone was once considered more valuable than diamonds! This gemstone is popular because of its many various colors and its beauty.

5. Blue Aventurine Gemstone - This wonderful gemstone is one that many people are seeing improve their luck. If you are lacking clarity in your life, you should try wearing this powerful gemstone to bring about some positive changes in your life.


6. Sapphire - You are probably curious about where the gemstone is from. This beautiful blue gemstone is popular because many believe that the stone is very powerful. This magic gemstone will change your life if you are able to find it...

7. Black Onyx Gemstone - If you are looking for a powerful protection stone, this is one of your best options. Many people also choose to wear this gemstone because it helps them attract many positive things into their lives.

8. Ruby - This awesome gemstone is very popular because it has been used by many people to bring about positive changes in their life. This awesome red gemstone will change your life if you put it in a necklace or in a ring...

9. Emerald - Emeralds are extremely popular because of their beauty and brilliance. These incredible gemstones are also very powerful and many people like to use them for healing.

9. Aquamarine - If you want to attract positive things into your life, this is a powerful gemstone that you should consider wearing. This gemstone can change your life if you put it in a ring or if you put it in a necklace...

10: Lapis Lazuli Gemstone: This awesome blue and black gemstone is very popular because it is believed to be able to help its users unlock their hidden potential.


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