Choosing The Best Gemstone Beads For Your Jewelry Project

Starting a jewelry project is a thrilling step, even more so if you are doing it for the first time. You get to display your true talent and creative instincts in the form of something tangible. It is handmade, carries certain emotions and days of hard work and efforts. But as it is thrilling, it is stressful and confusing as well. It is not easy choosing all gemstones beads for your particular project from a wide variety of gemstones available in the market. Choosing a reliable seller, checking the authenticity of the stones and treatment of stones is a whole lot of work in itself. So, how can it be made easier?

How To Choose The Best Gemstones?

Choose The Gemstone You Want To Work With

There are innumerable gemstones that are available in the market for the taking. Each gemstone has its own physical appearance, mineral composition and metaphysical properties. Before going out to select a gemstone for your project, it is essential that you sort your requirements and what your preferences are. You would need to decide the color you’re looking for, the style of bead  you want; whether you want raw gemstone beads, faceted or round. Setting your preferences in order can affect the selection process a lot and can also simplify it.

Take The Client’s Preferences Into Consideration

The client you’re making the jewelry for plays an equal part in selection of the right gemstone beads. They may tell you their color preferences or what they are expecting for their jewelry to do for them. They might be looking for something that lets them be their true self and gain self confidence and acceptance. Or, they might be looking for a powerful gemstone to help them fight their past traumas, depression and sleep deprivation. Whatever the client wants, you shall deliver and so, select the stones accordingly.

Semi-Precious Or Precious Gemstone?

The quality and value of your gemstone jewelry project will depend on whether you select a semi-precious stone or a precious one. The main difference between precious and semi-precious stones is the price, hardness and rarity. There are a lot of semi-precious stones to choose from like amethyst, unakite, rhodonite, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, carnelian, etc. But there are only a limited number of precious stones like diamonds, emerald, ruby, turquoise, etc. Before choosing all gemstone beads for your jewelry project, first determine whether you want to use a precious or a semi-precious gemstone.

Know The Properties Of Gemstones

For you to make a smart choice for your jewelry project, the best way is to know about the specific properties of gemstones. Your client may be requiring a jewelry piece that helps them with certain physical or mental struggles. You can’t help them unless you know your gemstones. Like carnelian is good for vitality and motivation, and amethyst is beneficial for stress and insomnia recovery, every other gemstone has its own unique and impactful properties. These properties can be either physical, healing or metaphysical. It is better that you do a good read to learn the characteristics and so, choose the right stone.

What Is Your Spending Power?

Although semi-precious gemstones are fairly affordable, there may be slight variations in their prices. The price also depends on the form of the gemstone, for example, the raw gemstone beads are expensive as compared to refined and treated stone beads. The choice of your beads will depend on how much you are able to spend. If you expect the jewelry project to pay off well, you can make the investment on expensive stones but if you are not confident about the project, you can settle for treated beads.

Choose The Seller Carefully

Choosing the right gemstone beads for your jewelry project is not only limited to selecting a gemstone but scopes way wider than that. For starters, the choice of your beads cannot be entirely right until you choose the correct seller. It is essential that you run the checks for authenticity and genuineness of the seller before making a purchase with them. You can interact with them, verify their prices and gemstone knowledge and also ask for reviews from their past buyers. Make sure to check the details of the gemstone. If you are buying online, pay special attention to any red flags and the types of images they are using.

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